The Agents of Doom are a type of weapon from the Ratchet and Clank series that appear in PSASBR. Originally featured in Ratchet and Clank, they later appeared in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

The WeaponEdit

The Agents of Doom are small robots that are launched in support of Ratchet from the Glove of Doom. When tossed out, the Agents track down enemies and explode; an additional feature allowed them to block certain kinds of ammunition although this resulted in their quick destruction. In Ratchet and Clank, their attack was bite-based, although they also exploded after a certain period of time. This glove only spawned four Agents at any one time. The Gold Glove of Doom also produced four Agents, with the notable difference that these were bigger and exploded more powerfully.

In Up Your Arsenal, the weapon was renamed to the Agents of Doom, and fitted with an upgrade mechanism:

  • V1 Agents seek out enemy targets and use their bite attack. After a while they will self-destruct.
  • V2 Agents are equipped with small rapid-fire lasers. When the laser runs out of ammunition, the Agent targets the nearest enemy and self-destructs on contact.
  • V3 Agents are equipped with faster and more powerful rapid-fire lasers.
  • V4 Agents are equipped with a jetpack, and stay close to Ratchet. If a second set of Agents is deployed, they will start on foot instead. When the jetpack-equipped Agents run out of fuel, they will continue on foot.
  • V5 Agents are equipped with missile launchers and jetpacks. They produce a more powerful explosion when they self-destruct.

The Up Your Arsenal Agents of Doom allowed the player to deploy eight at one time, whereas the original only allowed four at one time. Insomniac Games, who created the Ratchet and Clank franchise, claimed the Glove of Doom was their favourite weapon from the original game.

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