Along with several Alternate Costumes, each character has 3 alternate color swaps in case more than one of a certain character is in the match at the same time. This feature is added so you don't get confused on who the players are. This is also applicable to Alternate Costumes.


Kratos final


  • Default: orange tattoos, brown and bronze armor, faded white cloth
  • White tattoos, white armor, white cloth
  • Yellow tattoos, yellow armor, black cloth
  • Blue tattoos, blue and silver armor, blue cloth

Morpheus ArmorEdit

  • Default- White Skin, Blue tattoos, dark blue rags, silver armor
  • White skin, yellow tattoos, yellow rags, goldish armor
  • Black skin, red tattoos, white rags, silver armor
  • White skin, red tattoos, red rags, bronze armor

Warrior of ApolloEdit

  • Default - Golden helm, shoulder guard, skirt, and leg guards, tan skin
  • Green helm, shoulder guard, skirt, and leg guards, pale green skin
  • Silver helm, shoulder guard, skirt, and leg guards, tan skin
  • Red helm, shoulder guard, skirt, and leg guards, tan skin

Sweet ToothEdit

Sweet tooth final

Clown TuxedoEdit

  • Default- Pink suit, blue bow tie
  • Yellow suit,orange polka dots, yellow bow tie
  • White suit, cyan, grey and green polka dots, green bow tie
  • Purple suit, yellow coat rim, blue bow tie

Outcast Sweet ToothEdit

Outcast tooth

Fat PrincessEdit

Fat princessfinal

Fairy Tale DressEdit

  • Default- Purple dress, pink skirt, purple tiara, blonde hair
  • White dress, white skirt, white tiara, light brown hair
  • Orange dress, yellow skirt, orange tiara, dark brown hair
  • Cyan dress, light blue skirt, cyan tiara, red hair

Pirate PrincessEdit

Fatpirate final

Ninja PrincessEdit

  • Black outfit, pink undershirt and sash
  • White outfit, blue undershirt and sash
  • Brown outfit, yellow undershirt and sash
  • Teal outfit, orange undershirt and sash

Sly CooperEdit

Sly final



Arabian DisguiseEdit

  • Default- Blue vest, white shirt, gold necklace, blue pants, brown belt and rags, red hat, red shoes
  • Black vest, red shirt,gold necklace, black pants, red belt and rags, red hat, dark red shoes
  • Grey vest,white shirt, golden necklace, white pants, black belt and rags, white hat, black shoes
  • Dark green vest, light green shirt, golden necklace, dark green pants, brown belt and rags, dark green hat, brownish shoes

Jailbird CostumeEdit

  • White outfit, black stripes, white sleeves and scarf
  • Blue outfit, black stripes, orange sleeves and scarf
  • Green outfit, black stripes, yellow sleeves and scarf
  • Orange outfit, black stripes, red sleeves and scarf

Colonel RadecEdit


StA-X6 JetpackEdit

  • Default: black trim
  • White trim
  • Red trim
  • Yellow trim

Elite Shock TrooperEdit

  • Default- White and grey armor
  • Blue and black armor
  • Red and black armor
  • Green and black armor


Parappa colors~

Space SuitEdit

Parappa colors

Funky GiEdit

  • Default- Very light blue gi, white belt, orange beanie
  • Yellow gi, black belt, green beanie
  • Dark grey gi, black belt, red beanie
  • white gi, red belt, blue beanie

Prom KingEdit

  • Orange beanie, blue suit, red shoes, pale red bowtie
  • Blue beanie, red suit, black shoes, black bowtie
  • Red beanie, blue suit top, dark blue pants, red shoes, pale red bowtie
  • Yellow beanie, orange suit, orange shoes, grey blue bowtie

Nathan DrakeEdit

Drake final

Winter DrakeEdit


Desert DrakeEdit

  • Default- Beige shirt, beige jeans, beige shoes
  • Black Shirt, blue jeans, black shoes
  • Red Shirt, grey jeans, black shoes
  • Blue shirt, brown jeans, dark blue shoes

Deep Sea Nathan DrakeEdit

  • Dark grey and light grey
  • Blue and neon green
  • Red, orange, and white
  • Dark grey, light grey, and white

Big DaddyEdit


Big Daddy DollEdit

Big daddypfinal

Big Daddy RosieEdit

  • Default- Silver diving armor, brown rust colored body, silver hand
  • Brown diving armor, very light green colored body, brown hand
  • Silver diving armor, blue colored body, brown hand
  • Light greenish/yellowish diving armor, green armor, brown hand

Heihachi MishimaEdit

Heihachi final

Mishima CoatEdit



  • Default: white fundoshi
  • Red fundoshi
  • Purple fundoshi
  • Dark gray fundoshi


Toro final

  • Default: white headband (Justice), brown jumpsuit (Torobi), red afro and yellow skirt (Oni)
  • Green headband (Justice), green jumpsuit (Torobi), green afro and white skirt (Oni)
  • Blue headband (Justice), blue jumpsuit (Torobi), blue afro and light blue skirt (Oni)
  • Red headband (Justice), red jumpsuit (Torobi), brown afro and red skirt (Oni)

Bistro ToroEdit


  • Default: dark grey vest and pants (Justice), white head wrap, black shirt and pants (Torobi), white chef's hat and uniform (Oni)
  • Red vest and pants (Justice), blue head wrap, red shirt and black pants (Torobi), red chef's hat and uniform (Oni)
  • Green vest and pants (Justice), green head wrap, white shirt and green pants (Torobi), green chef's hat and uniform (Oni)
  • Blue vest and pants (Justice, black head wrap, blue shirt and dark blue pants (Torobi), blue chef's hat and uniform (Oni)

Melodic ToroEdit

  • Default- blue Hawaiian shirt, light pinkish/whiteish shorts, black sunglasses (Justice stance); Red Mohawk ,white tank top, black jeans (Torobi stance); White jacket, red jacket rim and cuffs, red belt, white pants, dark blue afro (Oni stance)
  • Yellowish/greenish Hawaiian shirt, red shorts, red sunglasses (Justice stance); Blue Mohawk, red tank top, black jeans (Torobi stance); black jacket, purple jacket rims and cuffs, purple belt, black pants, black afro (Oni stance)
  • Green Hawaiian shirt, beige shorts, black sunglasses (Justice stance); Green Mohawk, black tank top, dark red jeans (Torobi stance);lavender jacket, purple jacket rim and cuffs, purple belt,lavender pants, dark purple afro (Oni stance)
  • Purple Hawaiian shirt, blackish shorts, black sunglasses (Justice Stance);Pink Mohawk, green tank top, dark blue jeans (Torobi stance); Orange jacket, dark orange jacket rim and cuffs, dark orange belt, orange pants, brown afro (Onistance)

Jak and DaxterEdit

Jak and daxter final

Old World JakEdit

  • Default- Blue tunic, white bandages and white trousers
  • Red tunic, white bandages and white trousers
  • Orange tunic, white bandages and white trousers
  • Black tunic, black bandages and black trousers.

Combat RacerEdit

  • Default- Blue Jacket, white shirt, light brown pants and blue shoes.
  • Green Jacket, black shirt, white pants and dark grayish shoes.
  • Red Jacket, white shirt, dark brown pants and dark brown shoes.
  • Black Jacket, white shirt, light black pants and black shoes.

Cole Macgrath Edit

Cole final

Courier JacketEdit

  • Default- Yellow Jacket and White Union Jack
  • Blue Jacket and Blue Union Jack
  • Green Jacket and Green Union Jack
  • Red Jacket and Red Union Jack

Kessler CostumeEdit

  • White hood, white coat, white pants
  • Baishe hood, brown coat, brown pants
  • White hood, gray coat, gray pants
  • Brown hood, blue coat, blue pants

Ratchet & ClankEdit

Ratchet final

Holoflux ArmorEdit

  • Default- Black pants and grey armor with light blue glowing pads.
  • Black pants and grey armor with green glowing pads. (Ectoflux Armor)
  • Greenish pants and purple armor and brown helmet with orangeish glowing pads (Thermaflux Armor)
  • Blue pants and blackish/blueish armor with yellow glowing pads (Alister Azimuth)

Tetrafiber ArmorEdit



Spike final

Special Event SuitEdit


Classic Throwback SuitEdit

  • Default- Red shirt
  • Yellow shirt
  • Light blue shirt
  • Green shirt


Dante final

Jacketless DanteEdit

  • Default: white tank top, faded black jeans
  • Dark gray tank top and black jeans
  • Blue tank top and brown jeans
  • Red tank top and blue jeans

Shirtless DanteEdit

  • Default- Faded grey jeans
  • Aquamarine jeans
  • Blue jeans
  • Purple jeans


Arena small



Skeleton BoyEdit

  • Default- White Bone cloth, green eye outline
  • Yellow Bone cloth, orange eye outline
  • Light Blue Bone cloth, blue eye outline
  • Pink Bone cloth, dark pink eye outline

Evil Cole MacGrathEdit

Ecole final

Evil Among ThievesEdit

  • Yellow Jacket/Gloves, Blue Pants (Classic Thug Cole)
  • Purple Jacket, Brown Pants
  • Red Jacket/Gloves, Black Pants

Reaper ColeEdit

  • Default- Red Jacket
  • Black Jacket
  • Green Jacket with Red Tar
  • White Jacket with black skull on the hoodie (Reaper Conduit)


  • Default: Silver hair, black and dark gray armor
  • Bright blonde hair, dark teal and white armor
  • Dark blonde hair, dark blue, and orange armor
  • Silver hair, black, tan, and white armor

Blue RaidenEdit

  • Default: Black and silver armor
  • Red and gold armor
  • Purple and silver armor
  • Blue and silver armor

White RaidenEdit

  • Default- Brown and and grey body with dark grey chest piece
  • Dark Blue and light green body with light green chest piece
  • Light blue and blue body with blue chest piece
  • White and brown body with grey chest piece


Nariko final

Athena NarikoEdit

  • Default - White robe and white cloth
  • Black robe and black cloth
  • Pale purple robe and red cloth
  • Yellow robe and yellow cloth

Shen's ArmorEdit

  • Default- Red armor with dark greenish and red cloths
  • Sliver armor with silver cloths
  • Purple armor with white and purple cloths
  • Silver armor with beige and yellow cloths

Sir Daniel FortesqueEdit

Sir dan final

Super ArmorEdit


Dragon ArmorEdit

  • Default- Green armor
  • Blue armor
  • Red armor
  • Black armor


Kat wiki

Sea KatEdit

  • Pink top, white pants, dark pink gloves and boots
  • Black top, black pants, brown gloves and boots, red buttons
  • Green top, white pants, brown gloves and boots
  • Purple top, white pants, dark pink gloves and boots

The Dark CatEdit

  • Black suit, grey decals and normal blonde hair colour.
  • White suit, light-grey decals and light-grey hair.
  • Orange suit, black decals and normal blonde hair colour.
  • Yellow suit, black decals and normal blonde hair colour.

Emmett GravesEdit

Emmet finalb

Hired GunEdit

  • Black shirt and scarf, light brown pants and shoes, dark brown leg-guards, white neckwear
  • Green shirt and scarf, brown pants and shoes, black leg-guards, white neckwear
  • Orange shirt and scarf, beige pants and shoes, brown leg-guards, white neckwear
  • Light grey shirt and scarf, white pants and shoes, gray leg-guards, black neckwear


  • Default: Light brown armor and pants
  • Red armor and pants
  • Black armor and pants
  • White armor and pants


Zeus final

Olympic ArmorEdit

  • Default: White toga, gold armor.
  • Blue toga, white armor
  • Black toga, black armor, black skin
  • Gold toga, blue armor

Young ZeusEdit

  • Default: White toga
  • Golden toga
  • Blue and White striped toga
  • Blue and Yellow toga

Isaac ClarkeEdit


Advanced R.I.G.Edit

  • Default: Orange armor and gray blue suit, gray helmet and light blue visor
  • Red armor and black suit, red visor
  • Dark blue armor and blue suit, blue visor
  • White armor and green suit, yellow visor

Elite Advanced SuitEdit

  • Default: Blue armour, blue visor
  • White armour, blue visor
  • White armour, red visor
  • Yellow armour, yellow visor


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