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Alternate Costumes are different skins and costumes for playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Each character is able to unlock several different costumes in the game, and the currently known twenty are listed as pre-order incentives[1], being also avaliable as DLC. Characters will also have alternate color schemes for their costumes, as well as having alternate colors for their normal looks.

For some reason, the third costumes for Isaac Clarke and Zeus (Elite Advanced Suit and Young Zeus) were never released as DLC, and are currently unavaliable. However, they will be released along with a balance patch on August 27th.

List of CostumesEdit


Character Costume
Big Daddy Big Daddy Rosie
Cole MacGrath Courier Jacket
Colonel Radec Elite Shock Trooper
Dante Shirtless Dante
Emmett Graves Hired Gun
Evil Cole MacGrath Reaper Cole
Fat Princess Fairy Tale Dress
Heihachi Mishima Mishima Fundoshi
Isaac Clarke Advanced R.I.G.
Jak and Daxter Combat Racer
Kat & Dusty Sea Kat
Kratos Morpheus Armor
Nariko Shen's Armor
Nathan Drake Desert Camo
PaRappa Funky Gi
Raiden White Raiden
Ratchet & Clank Holoflux Armor
Sackboy Skeleton Boy
Sir Daniel Fortesque Dragon Armour
Sly Cooper Arabian Disguise
Spike Classic Throwback Suit
Sweet Tooth Clown Tux
Toro Inoue Melodic Toro
Zeus Olympic Armor


Character Costume Appearance
Big Daddy Big Daddy Plushy Avatar big daddy 2
Cole MacGrath Kessler Costume PSASBR Cole Pre-Order
Colonel Radec StA-X6 Jetpack Avatar colonel radec 2
Dante Jacketless Dante PSASBR Dante Pre-Order
Evil Cole MacGrath Evil Among Thieves PSASBR Evil Cole Pre-order
Fat Princess Pirate Costume Avatar fat princess 2
Heihachi Mishima Mishima Coat Avatar heihachi mishima 2
Jak and Daxter Old World Jak PSASBR Jak Pre-Order
Kratos Deimos Costume Avatar kratos 2
Nariko Athena Nariko PSASBR Nariko Pre-Order
Nathan Drake Shambhala Snow Jacket Avatar nathan drake 2
PaRappa Funky Astro Suit Avatar parappa 2
Raiden Blue Raiden PSASBR Raiden Pre-Order
Ratchet & Clank Tetrafiber Armor PSASBR Ratchet Pre-Order
Sackboy Sackgirl PSASBR Sackboy Pre-Order
Sir Daniel Fortesque Golden Armour PSASBR Sir Dan Pre-Order
Sly Cooper Archer Costume Avatar sly cooper 2
Spike Special Event Suit PSASBR Spike Pre-Order
Sweet Tooth Outcast Sweet Tooth Avatar sweet tooth 2
Toro Inoue Bistro Toro Avatar toro inoue 2


Character Costume Appearance
Emmett Graves Outlaw Oucast
Fat Princess Ninja Princess Ninja Princess render
Kat & Dusty The Dark Cat Dark Kat
Kratos Warrior of Apollo Apollo render
Nathan Drake Deep Sea Nathan Drake Deep Sea Nathan Drake
PaRappa Prom King Prom Tux
Sackboy Wrestler Sackboy Wrestler sackboy
Sly Cooper Jailbird Sly Jailbird Sly

Unreleased DLCEdit

Character Costume Appearance
Isaac Clarke Elite Advanced Suit Isaac DLC
Zeus Young Zeus Zeus DLC.


Alternate Costumes




References Edit

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Icon IsaacClarke Advanced R.I.G. | Elite Advanced Suit Icon Zeus Olympic Armor | Young Zeus

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