AG Ships



Voiced By N/A
Franchise WipEout
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut WipEout (FEISAR & Auricom)
WipEout Pure (Harimau)

The Anti-Gravity Ships are levitating aircrafts that appear as playable vehicles in the WipEout franchise.


The Anti-Gravity Ships are designed to hover over futuristic race tracks and a required vehicle for the Anti-Gravity Racing League in the year 2048-2207. These ships are armed with weapons that can use for combat during the race and equipped with a shield to guard the ship from severe weapon damages and can be absorbed from a weapon they currently armed to prolong it's protection.

Connections with All-StarsEdit

The ships appear in the DLC stage Fearless, where they hover by the corner of the stage. The three crafts that appear are; Feisar, Harimau and Auricom. If Stage Hazards are turned off, they are all replaced by a Ghost Ship.


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