Story Mode is a single player mode from Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. It begins with the selected character's opening cutscene, and proceeds to lead the player though four timed fights (1 two-fighter, 1 three-fighter, and 2 four-fighter matches), followed by two 3 kill-limit matches. The selected character then encounters their respective Rival and confronts them in a 3 live stock match. Following this, the player confronts the final boss, Polygon Man, with four lives. Upon his defeat, the ending cutscene is shown, followed by the credits.

The characters within the matches remain the same throughout each playthrough, specific to your chosen character, though differing in each copy. Each 4th and 6th match contain a single character with a higher AI level than the others. Playing on All-Stars difficulty will make Sandover Village appear as one of the stages. Polygon Man's minions are randomized and alternate if the player loses and continues.

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