Backgrounds are items featured in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. They are unlocked by ranking up characters and can be used to customize the player's profile.

There are 5 backgrounds for each game series, except for God of War and InFamous that have 10 and 10 backgrounds respectively, and a generic background, for a total of 126. The series involved are ResistanceGod of WarPaRappa the RapperSly CooperInFamousTekkenJak and DaxterApe EscapeRatchet & ClankFat PrincessUnchartedMedievilMetal GearHeavenly SwordDoko Demo IssyoBioShockDevil May Cry,Twisted MetalLittleBigPlanet, KillzoneGravity RushStarhawkand Dead Space.

Each background is unlocked by ranking up one or more characters to a certain level.

PSASBR, Backgrounds

Character BackgroundsEdit

Each playable character have 5 unlockable backgrounds dealing with their franchises. These backgrounds are unlocked by reaching certain Ranks with specific characters.

  • Rank 16
  • Rank 19
  • Rank 22
  • Rank 25
  • Rank 300

Other BackgroundsEdit

  • From the start of the game, your profile already has the Generic Background.
  • Resistance has 5 unlockable backgrounds that are unlocked by reaching a certain Rank with a number of playable characters.
    • Rank 10 with 20 characters
    • Rank 20 with 16 characters
    • Rank 40 with 16 characters
    • Rank 20 with 20 characters
    • Rank 40 with 20 characters

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