Belt ranksEdit

Every time you earn 100 of a type of belt you rank up into the next color with 50 points on it plus the excedent.
The order of rank by color in ascending order is:
  1. White Belt
    PABR - Belts Thumbnail

    Actual belts image.

  2. Yellow Belt
  3. Blue Belt
  4. Green Belt
  5. Purple Belt
  6. Red Belt
  7. Brown Belt
  8. Black Belt
Purple Belt

Purple Belt with Rank


You will start with no belt after at least 5 ranking matches which will place you in an approximate belt color depending on the place you finish and number of kills at the end of these matches. After this, the quantity of points you lose or win depends on the places you finish, and the rival belt rank compared to yours. You may also lose points if you leave more than one match consecutively before it ends, this is not the case if the match host leaves (You will recieve a message stating "Lost connection with host Error: 0000-0025"). You may win up to 13 points in a round if your opponents belt is higher than yours and you end up in 1st place, in contrast you can also lose 13 points if you are on the 4th place and your opponents' belt is actually lower than yours. Normally finishing in 2nd place raises your points by 1 or 2, this might not be the case if the opponent in the first place is a lower belt grade than you. Also losing in 3rd place may only take a point or two, as long as the persons on first and second place have at least your same belt rank.


Belts only last for one season. When a season ends, the current belt rank will be reset. Seasons last a month.


When a season ends you may recieve a title if your belt color is Green or better. You can access it through the customizable profile. You will recieve a message when this happens.


  • The color order seems to be a combination of the korean martial art Tae Kwon Do (White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown and Black) and the lesser known American Kofuja Do (White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red and Black). Although this may vary by region or school, white is generally the lowest, with Black being the most advanced.

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