The Bentley Binocucoms move was a bit different prior to its change during PSASBR's development.


The move was used very much like it does now, with Sly Cooper using his binocucom and contacting his buddy Bentley, who informs Sly that he must take pictures of enemies in order to defeat them, which is exactly what the player is supposed to do. More opponents could be KOd when this move was used, and Bentley looked much different than normal. For instance, Bentley's glasses were smaller. Bentley also had no speaking voice.


The move, while remaining almost exactly the same as it used to be, had been tweaked a bit. The only real change was how many people got KOd in a single attack. Originally, anyone within the view of the binocucom was KOd. However, this changed and a cursor-like thing was added, making the move much more balanced. Aesthetically, on the other hand, Bentley was changed to look more like he does in the game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


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