Beta Stage
Primary Representation Uncharted
Secondary Representation Warhawk

During Comic-con 2012, a trailer to the beta version of PSASBR was shown. Throughout the trailer, Kratos, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, and Parappa were battling on a large unknown stage based on Uncharted/Warhawk and a prototype Hades stage.


The level consisted of two areas. The first area consisted only of ruins, while the second, more notable area was on top of a train. The train area involved the characters fighting on the train, and fighters from Warhawk would appear and destroy sections of said train, which finally led to the destruction of the train's engine. No one knows what would have happened afterward.


Unlike the other beta levels, Dreamscape, Hades and Metropolis, which were just altered, this stage was canned in its entirety. Despite this, Uncharted ended up as the primary representation for the stage Stowaways and Warhawk was one of many secondary representations in the stage Time Station.

Artwork by John WuEdit

Concept Art By Chris CapiliEdit

Concept Art By Sunni HanEdit


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