Big Daddy Rosie

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Vital statistics
Title Big Daddy Rosie
Series of Origin BioShock
Based on BioShock

The Rosie is a type of Big Daddy that acts as a costume for the character of the same name in PSASBR.


The Rosie is one of the four functional types of Big Daddies in Rapture, along with the Bouncer (the Big Daddy that is normally playable in All-Stars), the Rumbler, and the Lancer. Along with being assigned to protect Little Sisters, Rosies are also the supplementary mechanics and maintenance workers of Rapture. Its main weapon is a giant Rivet Gun. They are taller yet slower moving than the Bouncer, as well as more agile, making them more of a threat.


  • Default: orange suit, gray helmet
  • Pale green suit, brown helmet
  • Green suit, gold helmet
  • Blue suit, gray helmet


  • In BioShock, the Rosie Big Daddy wielded a Rivet Gun instead of a drill.


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