This article is about the "Buzz" character. For the series, see Buzz!.


Buzz in game


Voiced By Jason Donovan (English)
Lorenzo Scattorin (Italian)
Franchise Buzz!
Appears in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Buzz! The Music Quiz
This, is, Buzz!
— Buzz, {{{3}}}

Buzz is the main character, as well as the host in the; Buzz! series. He makes an appearance as both a minor non-playable hazard character, as well as a DLC Minion in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Buzz hosts the Buzz! series of games, which are available exclusively for Sony consoles. In the English version of the games, he is voiced by Jason Donovan. He is known for his over-the-top personality, witty remarks, and outrageous attire. Buzz uses humor to explain the question categories, praise players for right answers, berate them for wrong answers, and comment on the relative difficulty of questions.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

  • Buzz appears in the background of the stage Dreamscape. He gives out questions to the players, which, if answered wrong, does damage to the player by throwing cream pies at them. Eventually he gets deleted by the create mode.
  • He also appears as a minion that can be purchased for $0.49. However you can also buy him in a small pack of $1.99 or along with all the other minions for the price of $4.99.


  • Yes, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen. This... is... Buzz!
  • You are a dozen lifetimes of dense rolled into one.
  • Look at your score, and then look ANY of us in the eye. I dare you.
  • Buzz likes stupid people! Even you.

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