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The following 24 characters are playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, 20 being playable at the start, while 4 are DLC.[1] The line-up includes a mixture of both 1st and 3rd party characters. The characters are listed in the order they appear in the Character Select screen in the game.

Kratost Parappat Fat pt Sweet tootht
Kratost2 Parappat2 Fat pt2 Sweet tootht2

Radect Slyt Drake Colet
Radect2 Slyt2 Draket2 Coletfff

Evilcolet Ratchet and clankt Jak and daxtert Bigdaddyt  
Coletfff Ratchet and clankt2 Jak and daxtert2 Bigdaddyt2

Dantet Heihachit Narikot Raident
Dantet2 Heihachit2 Narikot2 Raident2

Sackboyt Sirdant Spiket Toro inouet  
Sackboyt2 Sirdant2 Spiket2 Toro inouet2


Katt Emmettt Zeus Isaact 
Katt2 Emmettt2 Zeustt2 Isaact2


There are several characters who appear as alternate costumes for already existing characters including:

Canceled Playable Characters



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