The following terms and their meanings are used commonly by the competitive community for PlayStation All-Stars.


AP BurstEdit

  • An AP Burst occurs when a character flashes and flies away from the attacking player during a combo to prevent an infinite combo loop.


  • Blockstun, also called 'hitstun', is the duration in which a character is unable to move while blocking an attack. It is usually utilized when applying block pressure on an opponent.

Bread and ButterEdit

  • Bread and Butter is a combo that is the most commonly used or most accessible piece of tech a character has. It is a good option that should be used to lead into any other options a character has (i.e. Sir Dan's square, square, up-square).

Dodge Cancel Edit

  • A Dodge Cancel is canceling an attack animation into a dodge.

Down TechEdit

  • Down Tech is when a player presses down on their controller after being hit into the air to fall faster. As of patch 1.12, this technique is punishable.

Empty CancelEdit

  • Empty Cancel refers to an in-game glitch that allows Dante to cancel his first three hits of neutral square into virtually any other move. Full Article

Jump Cancel Edit

  • A Jump Cancel is canceling an attack animation into a jump.

Kill ConfirmEdit

  • Kill Confirm, or KC, is a general term for a combo of attacks that ends in a guaranteed kill. There are several types of Confirms, all with different conditions. Full Article

Match Up Edit

  • A Match Up, or MU, is a general term referring to the expected outcome in a match between two given characters. Full Article

Mixup Edit

  • A Mixup is a strategy a player employs to keep his or her opponent(s) on their toes and stay unpredictable. This tactic is delivered by, as the name implies, choosing between a given character's options in an absolutely random manner.

Raw Super MoveEdit

  • A Raw Super Move, commonly referred to as a YOLO, is when a defending player triggers their Super Move (most commonly a Level 1 Super, but can sometimes be a Level 2) without trapping their opponent or ending a combo with it. Full Article

Reading Your OpponentEdit

  • Reading your opponent is the art of predicting what your opponent will do next based on their present situation in the match. Full Article

Roll Cancel Edit

  • A Roll Cancel is canceling a move into a roll.

Touch of DeathEdit

  • A Touch of Death, or ToD is a single combo that allows a player to net a kill starting with 0 AP. Full Article


  • A Wallbounce is the reaction a character has when it collides with a nearby wall after being ejected into it.

Additional InformationEdit

This glossary is intended to be as comprehensive and concise as possible within the relative knowledge of the community. It may never truly be finished.

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