Gravity Rush Stage
Journey Mashup
Image by Ky Bui
Primary Representation Gravity Rush
Secondary Representation Journey

The Gravity Rush stage was an upcoming Downloadable stage based on Gravity Rush and Journey. It was confirmed by lead animator Michael Ha in GEEK magazine and Ky Bui in his website. It is unknown when it will be released, and due to Sony Santa Monica's announcement of no more DLC on August 2, 2013, it will be very unlikely this stage will ever be released.


The stage appears to take place in Hekesville: Vendecentre(Downtown), the main setting of Gravity Rush. The battle would have taken place on the side of a building, with altered gravity making it appear that the side of the building is the ground, with the whole stage turned on its side. It is unknown what would trigger the mash-up, but a large amount of sand from Journey would appear on the side of the stage, and a platform with special markings appears on the opposite end, along with many other platforms and a mountain in the background of the stage, replacing the large arched building and city from Gravity Rush. No other details are known, as all of this information comes from the leaked screenshots alone. In some art work/concept art we can see the a small image of the Gravity Rush Stage, probably the stage select image.


  • What triggers in the stage transition is that the Gravity Storm pulls the stage which the players are on to the Journey. Since in the Gravity Rush series Gravity Storms sends things into other places and worlds in which the Gravity Storm pulls a piece of Vendecentre's building to the Journey Universe.
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