Dan-Hand is the form Sir Daniel can take by removing his head and putting it onto one of the hands in MediEvil 2.



Dan can place his head on one of the scuttling green hands in order to get into small areas to solve puzzles or access hidden treasure. Whilst in this mode, Dan can freely swap between his head and his body. This does come with risks, as Dan-hand has no attacks and is quite vulnerable. Sometimes Dan's head will be stolen by birds on certain levels, and Dan must reach their nests to retrieve it. While Dan's head is off, octopus heads can also attach themselves on top of Dan and sap his health; rapidly pressing the action button shake them off. L1+Triangle switches between Dan and his head, or puts it back on when standing near it.

Connection to All-StarsEdit


Danhand as it appears in PlayStation All-Stars (far bottom right)

Dan-Hand appears as one of Sir Daniel's moves, executed by pressing Playstation-Lstick-Left or Playstation-Lstick-Right + Btn circle. Dan's head will walk on the stage and will leave opponentes hit by it in a crumple state. After colliding with a target or falling off the stage, Dan's head will return to his body.

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