Empty Cancel refers to an in-game glitch that allows Dante to cancel his first three hits of neutral square into virtually any other move. Prior to the 1.12 update, it allowed Dante to confirm his Level 1 after the initial three hits of his neutral square, but due to the increased startup of his Level 1 it can now only confirm a Level 2 kill.

The empty cancel is essentially a loop technique that allows Dante to loop the first 3 hits of his rebellion fury. He is able to do this because he can cancel the 3rd hit into rainstorm into angel dash, and then cancel angel dash with a variety of moves. When he cancels angel dash, he should be low enough to the ground that the last input will actually get canceled by Dante landing. However, this height is only achieved if Dante switches directions between the rainstorm and the angel dash.  Ironically, without this technique, Dante would not have any reliable ways of extending his combos, making it an accidental benefit to the character's attributes. 


  • Level 2 Kill Confirm
  • Extending combos
  • Grab dodging

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