Voiced By Marc Silk
Franchise MediEvil
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut MediEvil

Gargoyles are characters from the MediEvil franchise. One of them is featured in PlayStation All-Stars.


Though they look like mere stone carvings, they sit silently and observe all. Fortunately, Gargoyles can't resist showing off how clever they are and will often give Dan handy hints and clues that can aid him on his quest. But the gargoyles are mischievous and look down on mere mortals like Sir Dan. Their clues will often be cryptic as they are informative.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

A gargoyle, while not seen on-screen, narrates Sir Daniel's introduction, rival cutscene and ending in Story Mode.

A gargoyle also appears in The Graveyard, where he will harass the players, telling a unique taunt for one of 13 characters in the game. He's seen in his MediEvil: Ressurection design instead of his design from the original MediEvil.


  • "Off you go, mister zombie."
  • "Did anyone else just see that?"
  • "Goodness. No undeath for you, I'm afraid."


The Gargoyle will crack a unique pun or insult about one of 13 characters in the game. For the remaining 11, at the moment, he does not have any unique puns.

  • Kratos: "No need to be so irate, mate; it's not that bad being bald."
  • Fat Princess: "All hail her royal stoutness."
  • Sly Cooper: "Everyone check your pockets. There's a thieving raccoon about!"
  • Nathan Drake: "You'd better think twice about your plans, mister master thief. These tombs have already been plenty raided, thank you."
  • Cole MacGrath: "How is it you manage to bathe with abilities as shocking as yours, good sir?"
  • Jak: "Don't look now, mate, but I think there's a mongoose on your shoulder."
  • Big Daddy: "You don't exactly look like her father."
  • Dante: "While you are exceedingly cool, demon hunter, putting on a shirt and getting a job are that much cooler."
  • Nariko: "Ah, you know what they say about redheads, don't you? They, uh, hair."
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque: "Let's see how the hero of Gallowmere fares against opponents with a pulse."
  • Spike: "Surely it's past your bedtime, young man."
  • Toro: "Allow me to make one thing clear, feline: I am not a scratching post."
  • Kat: "There's a lady in our presence."


  • In the first MediEvil game, the Gargoyles was originally used as books often known as "Information Gargoyles" before they were replace with books in the final.
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