Primary Representation God of War

The original idea for the Hades stage was a level that would have appeared in the game Title Fight, the original Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. As its name implies, it was the predecessor of the current Hades level.

Design & LayoutEdit

The level was based on God of War III, and it would've involved the camera moving forcibly to the right while the players avoided Hades' assault. As the level progressed, Hades would move about the background of the stage stalking the players and destroying platforms that the players could've used to progress. It is currently unknown if the Patapon franchise would've been included in this version of the level in some way.


The fate of this level would eventually be that it was made to be much smaller than it was previously. This applies to most of the other stages that were being developed at the time, excluding the Uncharted/Warhawk stage, which was canned indefinitely.

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