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Helghan Army

The Helghan Army[1] are a major antagonistic force in the Killzone series.


In the distant future, when new planets were discovered and humanity has colonised many of them. One group, who were banished from their home planet Vekta, attempted to colonise a planet they named Helghan. Unfortunately, the hazardous atmosphere caused their hair to fall out and often caused their children to be born deformed. Eventually, they became immune to the climate and were able to breathe the toxic air. This transformation made them classified as no longer human. They are now stronger, larger and holds a deep hatred for the ones that sent them to planet Helghan. This hatred instigated the first Helghast wars, but sadly they were defeated and forced back to Helghan. Many years later, a man named Scolar Visari gave them the leadership and confidence to take revenge on mankind once more. His motivating words prompts the Helghast to begin a second invasion on Vekta. The ISA notices this and created defenses on other planets to stop the Helghast from attacking any planets. They were supposed to be impenetrable, but when the Helghast attacked, their defenses broke, leaving Vekta and its citizens vulnerable. Thus, the second war begins.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

Colonel Radec appears as a playable character. He also has one alternate costume which turns him into a Capture Trooper. A Helghast Soldier appears as a minion.


  • The development team originally had the idea of having the Helghan Army as the primary antagonists of the game, but were scrapped in favor of having Polygon Man as the game's antagonist.



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