The BeginningEdit

The website, was founded by Sackchief on April 28, 2012.  That same week, Coopergang1 founded  Coopergang joined the playstationallstarsbattleroyale wiki on April 30th and an affiliation was made between the two administrators to merge their sites with Coopergang's current staff being granted admin rights.  For many months, the administrators of the wiki were Sackchief, Coopergang1, LinebeckIV, and MaddSimm.  The community started to grow very gradually over the next few months with more and more dedicated users devoting their time to editing and being a part of the community.

Soon after the release, the administrators, as well as the community including ScorpionTail, Colombotron, HelghastCommander90, Alexray35, DarKingdomHearts, and too many others to list went hard to work, putting down everything from movesets and arcade mode cutscenes to in-game dialogue and unlockables.

The community continued to grow, blogs based around future DLC and a future sequel to All-Stars were out at a rampant rate, and interest for the game was non-stop...

To be expanded...

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