An item is an object featured in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that appears during matches that characters can pick up and use. Each item has varying uses that effect the game play; they all also originate from various PlayStation franchises.

List of ItemsEdit

There are two classes for items, Normal and Epic. The latter of which is noticeably more powerful than their Normal counterparts, and are distinctively recognized by a purple aura that surround them when they spawn.

Axei Bootssii Dvtlsri FusnbmbiAxei2 Btshrms2 Gnzidi Razrclwsi2

Frzmsleri Grvtyshldi Grtssyti HdghgndiFrzmssli Grtyshldi Grtmtysyti2 Hdghgndi2

Beeeisi Lchbmi Rflei2 MgazeiBeesi2 Grtyshldi Rfle2 Btshrms2

Crowmurderi Nantcrti Razrclwsi SncriftiCrowmurderi2 Razrclwsi2 Razrclwsi2 Sncrifti2

Rpgi Sackboti Sprdestni SturgeonRpgi2 Sackboti2 Btshrms2 Rpgi2


  • Ratchet & Clank and God of War have the most number of items with three each. Additionally Uncharted and WipEout have the second most with two items represented.
  • BioShock is the only third-party franchise to have an item represented.
  • Superbot has mentioned that the AP orbs were heavily inspired by the energy orbs from God of War, this can be seen in the beta footage.