Kill Confirm, or KC, is a general term for a combo of attacks that ends in a guaranteed kill. There are several types of Confirms, all with different conditions.

Types of Kill ConfirmsEdit

Grab ConfirmEdit

A Grab Confirm is a confirm that builds from a throw, usually one that bounces the opponent into the air (such as Raiden's down throw).

Corner SetupEdit

A Corner Setup is a confirm that requires the opponent to be bounced off of a wall.

Touch of DeathEdit

A Touch of Death, or ToD, is a confirm starting with 0 AP. As of 1.12, performing a practical ToD is very limited. For more on the Touch of Death technique and what characters have practical ToDs, go to the full article on ToDs.

Lag Confirm Edit

A Lag Confirm is a confirm that exploits the lag of a poor connection. Because of this, lag confirms are simply not possible to perform offline.

Combo ResetsEdit

Combo Resets are a useful way to set up a Kill Confirm. For more on Combo Resets, learn how to Read Your Opponent.

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