Level 1 Supers are the weakest supers, but they are the easiest to obtain. So far, they seem to be more close range than other supers. They vary in effectiveness from character to character, but Omar Kendall has stated that a good strategy to use is to repeatedly use Level 1 attacks since they are usually more efficient at scoring lots of points, despite their obvious shortcomings.

List of Level 1 SupersEdit

Icon Description

Divine Fury (Kratos)Edit

Tjg;fkgjskd Kratos dashes forward, swinging the Blade of Olympus in a horizontal arc in front of him once. A close range attack.

Romantic Karate (PaRappa)Edit

Lvl1dfghjk PaRappa does a kickflip with an outgoing angle of range. A close range attack.

Feed me Cake! (Fat Princess)Edit

Cakeofm A piece of cake appears and she will dash towards it, taking out any other character in her way. A close range attack.

TNT Tag (Sweet Tooth)Edit

Ybhnj2 Sweet Tooth attaches TNT to an opponent and kicks them away. Any other opponent caught in the blast is also knocked out. The initial strike is a close range attack. The explosion is a medium to long range attack.

StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher (Colonel Radec)Edit

Cdccccc Radec aims a rocket-firing weapon via an onscreen target. When locked onto a player, the rockets will home in onto that respective player. A medium range attack.

Unstoppable Ally (Sly Cooper)Edit

Werrthdgfds Murray appears performs a charging bodyslam to all opponents in front of him. A close to medium range attack.

Propane Tank (Nathan Drake)Edit

Dreket1ppkf Nathan throws a fuel tank into the air and shoots it. The player can control when in the tank's arc it will be shot. This is a medium ranged attack.

Human Bullet (Cole MacGrath)Edit

Hmunafjbufehe Cole uses the Kinetic Pulse to pick up the enemy and throw them across the stage. Any fighters who come into contact with the thrown character will be knocked out along with the thrown character. The initial attack is a close ranged attack. The thrown opponent acts as a long range attack.

Human Bullet (Evil Cole MacGrath)Edit

Humbulletevil This attack is identical to Good Cole's variant. Evil Cole uses the Kinetic Pulse to pick up and throw an opponent, and anyone caught in its way will also be knocked out. However, Evil Cole's variant appears more menacing as grappled opponents seem to writhe in pain more so than Cole's standard variant.

RYNO V (Ratchet & Clank)Edit

Ygtgbgtbgb Ratchet fires the RYNO V forward for a short period of time. A medium range attack.

Precursor Legacy (Jak and DaxterEdit

Sadfgdsadfs Jak summons a blue eco vent and jumps upward. Any opponents directly above or beside Jak when summoning and using the eco vent will be knocked out by the surging blast of blue eco. A close range attack.

Little Sister Gather (Big Daddy)Edit

Oiuyt The Big Daddy calls for his Little Sister to stab an opponent and steal their ADAM. Those who come into contact with the Little Sister any time before she lands will be killed. A close range attack.

Rebellion Triple (Dante)Edit

Dantes111 Dante swings Rebellion twice, and upon the third swing, he unleashes a short ranged blast. A close range attack.

Lightning Hammer (Heihachi Mishima)Edit

Footsajgfnda Heihachi stomps his foot and smashes down his forearm, knocking out anyone in front of him. A close range attack.

Twing-Twang (Nariko)Edit

May favoritejd fsa Nariko summons Kai, who fires her crossbow at a barrel of fireworks. A medium range attack.

Two Hand Top (Raiden)Edit

Raifndjansa Raiden performs a handstand spin-kick with his sword held by his foot, slicing through any nearby enemy behind and in front of him. A close range attack.

Costume Clash (Sackboy)Edit

Tfdfvfvdgvllkjbhm,jj Sackboy randomly dresses as Nathan Drake, PaRappa, or Cole MacGrath and performs a jump kick in each character's specific styles. A close range attack.

Lightning Bolt (Sir Daniel Fortesque)Edit

Xfvggfzvfdv Sir Daniel uses Lightning Bolt to knock out a nearby enemy. He can aim the bolt at an angle in front of him or behind him, or he can aim it straight upwards. A close range attack.

Monkey Net (Spike)Edit

Dfghj Spike captures any opponent in front of him with his net. A close range attack.

Kuro is so mean >.< (Toro Inoue)Edit

Deffffff Propelled forward by Kuro after being dropkicked from behind. A close range attack.

Gravity Crush (Kat)Edit

Katsdmgfnjad Kat rushes through the opponent, steals an orb of their energy, and crushes it, causing them to explode. A close range attack.

Rift Shot (Emmett Graves)Edit

Emmetfdfgbn Emmett has 3 Level 1 attacks:
M.A.W. Launcher - Fires a rocket ahead that can kill multiple opponents in its way before self-destructs, which also kills opponents within the blast radius. A long range attack.
Union Shotgun - Shoots bullets forward then diagonally upward. A short range attack.
Kinetic Pulse - Fires a bullet in front. A medium-range attack.

Lightning Clap (Zeus)Edit

Zeusy1 Zeus performs a powerful clap that creates lightning to strike anyone near him. A short range attack.

Strategic Shot (Isaac Clarke)Edit

Isaacylvl1 Isaac uses a stasis shot to freeze an opponent then followed by a Plasma Cutter to freely aim at the other opponents to the frozen opponent. The longer it charges, the bigger the blast. A medium to long range attack.


  • Spike's Level 1 Super Move
  • Colonel Radec's Level 1 Super Move
  • Heihachi's Level 1 Super
  • Fat Princess' Level 1 Super Move
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 1 Super Move
  • Kratos Level 1 Super Move
  • Toro's Level 1 Super
  • Sackboy's Level 1 Super
  • Cole's Level 1 Super
  • Jak Level 1 Super
  • Raiden's Level 1 Super
  • Ratchet's Level 1 Super
  • Sly's Level 1 Super
  • Sir Dan's Level 1 Super
  • Nariko's Level 1 Super
  • Emmett's Level 1 Super
  • Isaac's Level 1 Super
  • Zeus Level 1 Super
Level1 Big Daddy: Little Sister Gather · Cole MacGrath: Human Bullet · Colonel Radec: StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher · Dante: Rebellion Triple · Emmett Graves: Rift Shot · Evil Cole MacGrath: Human Bullet · Fat Princess: Feed me Cake! · Heihachi Mishima: Lightning Hammer · Isaac Clarke: Strategic Shot · Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Crush · Kratos: Divine Fury · Nariko: Twing-Twang · Nathan Drake: Propane Tank · PaRappa: Romantic Karate · Raiden: Stormbringer · Ratchet & Clank: RYNO V · Sackboy: Costume Clash · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Lightning Bolt · Sly Cooper: Unstoppable Ally · Spike: Monkey Net · Sweet Tooth: TNT Tag · Toro Inoue: Kuro is so mean >.< · Zeus: Lightning Clap

Level2 Big Daddy: Frenzy · Cole MacGrath: Ionic Freeze · Colonel Radec: StA5X Arc Cannon · Dante: Stinger · Emmett Graves: Rift Bomb · Evil Cole MacGrath: Ionic Drain · Fat Princess: Ride the Chicken! · Heihachi Mishima: Kuma Tag Team! · Isaac Clarke: Kinesis Burst · Jak and Daxter: Dark Jak's Dark Bomb · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Typhoon · Kratos: Divine Reckoning · Nariko: Dawn Siege · Nathan Drake: Stone Pillar · PaRappa: Skater Boy · Raiden: Blade Mode · Ratchet & Clank: Clank Goes Commando · Sackboy: Coal Catastrophe · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Golden Chalice · Sly Cooper: Flying Raccoon · Spike: Sword Frenzy · Sweet Tooth: Death by Missile · Toro Inoue: Toro makes a wish o_O · Zeus: Ultimate Storm

Level3 Big Daddy: Flood · Cole MacGrath: Electric Tornado · Colonel Radec: StA-X6 Jetpack · Dante: Devil Trigger Unleashed · Emmett Graves: The Hawk · Evil Cole MacGrath: The Beast Awakens! · Fat Princess: Protect the Princess! · Heihachi Mishima: Rockets Away! · Isaac Clarke: Dead Space · Jak and Daxter: Light Jak · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Panther · Kratos: Rage of the Gods · Nariko: The Goddess · Nathan Drake: El Dorado Sarcophagus · PaRappa: Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!! · Raiden: The Box Revengeance! · Ratchet & Clank: Flight of the Aphelion · Sackboy: Prize Bubble Bonus · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Anubis Stone · Sly Cooper: Recon Sly and His Targets · Spike: Super Laser Cannon · Sweet Tooth: The Rise of Mecha Tooth · Toro Inoue: Toro's dream comes true ^o^ · Zeus: Wrath of Zeus

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