Level 2 Supers are in the middle in terms of power and effectiveness between Level 1 Supers and Level 3 Supers. So far, they all seem to last longer than Level 1 Supers, be easier to control, and have a larger range. The biggest difference between level 1s and 2s is the fact that level 2s can only be stopped by other supers, whereas lv 1s could be stopped by taking damage.

List of Level 2 SupersEdit

Icon Description

Divine Reckoning (Kratos)Edit

Zxcvbnbvcx Kratos stabs the ground with the Blade of Olympus, creating a large tornado that surrounds him and reaches the top of the stage.

Skater Boy (PaRappa)Edit

Sk8tbrd PaRappa rides around on his skateboard, taking out anyone he hits.

Ride the Chicken! (Fat Princess)Edit

Fatchrisdhjfd Fat Princess rides around on a giant chicken that grants her instant kills, fast movement, and invincibility from non-super attacks.

Death by Missile (Sweet Tooth)Edit

Sssddfff Sweet Tooth launches a controllable missile that can be directed at an opponent.

StA5X Arc Cannon (Colonel Radec)Edit

Radec2levleld Colonel Radec fires a long ranged burst from his Plasma Cannon.

Flying Raccoon (Sly Cooper)Edit

Slytrjwendfs Sly flies around on Carmelita's Jetpack and gains the power to drop bombs for a short period of time.

Stone Pillar (Nathan Drake)

Draketlvler2 Nathan pushes over a pillar of ruins that crushes anyone caught underneath the three parts.

Ionic Freeze (Cole MacGrath)Edit

Coleglel2 Cole uses an Ionic Freeze, creating a trail ice pillars that spike up from the ground, taking out any enemies in the way.

Ionic Drain (Evil Cole MacGrath)Edit

Ecoltagg2 Evil Cole unleashes an Ionic Drain. Any opponents around him will be knocked out after a brief moment. The Ionic Drain will also remove AP from opponents knocked out by the player, allowing Evil Cole to pick it up from the ground.

Clank goes commando (Ratchet & Clank)Edit

Clanket222 Clank switches places with Ratchet, allowing the player to run around throwing time bombs and finishing off opponents with his Chronoscepter.

Dark Jak's Dark Bomb (Jak and Daxter)Edit

Jakdjhghnsm Jak transforms into Dark Jak, which causes an intial stun to opponents directly in front of him both on ground & air, leaps up and performs his trademark Dark Bomb attack on the ground. Opponents will also be knocked out from touching Dark Jak while performing the Dark Bomb.

Frenzy (Big Daddy)Edit

Sdfgdsssss Big Daddy enters an enraged state, allowing him to move faster and perform One-Hit Kills. His circle moveset is replaced with an insect swarm moveset.

Stinger (Dante)

Dantefresdc Dante performs the Stinger attack, slowly charging up before making a long, blinding dash forward, stabbing and knocking out any opponents in his path.

Kuma Tag Team! (Heihachi Mishima)Edit

Kumskdjhjk Heihachi summons his pet bear Kuma, who attacks opponent with claw swipes, ground pounds, and flatuation.

Dawn Siege (Nariko)Edit

Ygtgt Nariko gains access to a large cannon onstage for a short amount of time, allowing her to freely fire at opponents, instantly killing those in range of the cannon's shots.

Blade Mode (Raiden)Edit

Raifefndga Raiden performs his Zan Datsu attack, which freezes nearby opponents in place. Raiden's square attacks are replaced with a short ranged dash attack and can instantly knock out opponents. Using the right analog stick will allow Raiden to stun and cut apart opponents in his range, resulting in them dropping some of their AP.

Coal Catastrophe (Sackboy)Edit

Mnbvcxcfvghjk Sackboy summons some hot coals he can drop on opponents.

Golden Chalice (Sir Daniel Fortesque)Edit

Sidanttt2 Sir Daniel holds up the Golden Chalice, releasing a large vertical beam and 3 souls that home in on opponents for about 4-5 seconds. Coming into contact with any of the energy released from the Golden Chalice will result in a knock out.

Sword Frenzy (Spike)Edit

Aedrfgh Spike sends out a shockwave using a Golden Stun Club.

Toro makes a wish o_O (Toro Inoue)Edit

Xdfghyt Toro causes a large shooting star to crash down on the stage at a diagonal angle. This Star is caused by Toro's lifelong wish to be human.

Gravity Typhoon (Kat)Edit

Arefgdjghv Kat rises up in the air and fires two volleys of guided, stalactite projectiles. The volleys can be delayed for a more strategic attack.

Rift Bomb (Emmett Graves)Edit

DFZgbhfdse Emmett summons supplies to drop from the sky, crushing any opponent underneath them. The explosion of rift energy afterwards also knocks out any opponents close enough.

Ultimate Storm (Zeus)Edit

Zeusylvl2 Zeus starts to glide around the stage. When the super meter completely drains out, he'll trigger a thunderous explosion. This also can be manually triggered with a single button press.

Kinesis Burst (Isaac Clarke)Edit

Lvl2icsa Isaac overcharges his Kinesis Modulator and releases a large field burst of electricity around him. Opponents caught in the burst will be thrown to the edge.


  • Colonel Radec's Level 2 Super
  • Cole's Level 2 Super
  • Evil Cole's Level 2 Super
  • Fat Princess's Level Super
  • Jak Level 2 Super
  • Heihachi's Level 2 Super
  • Drake's's Level 2 Super
  • PaRappa's Level 2 Super
  • Raiden's Level 2 Super
  • Ratchets's Level 2 Super
  • Sackboy's Level 2 Super
  • Sir Dan's Level 2 Super
  • Sly's Level 2 Super
  • Emmett's Level 2 Super
  • Kat's Level 2 Super
  • Isaac's Level 2 Super
  • Zeus Level 2 Super
Level1 Big Daddy: Little Sister Gather · Cole MacGrath: Human Bullet · Colonel Radec: StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher · Dante: Rebellion Triple · Emmett Graves: Rift Shot · Evil Cole MacGrath: Human Bullet · Fat Princess: Feed me Cake! · Heihachi Mishima: Lightning Hammer · Isaac Clarke: Strategic Shot · Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Crush · Kratos: Divine Fury · Nariko: Twing-Twang · Nathan Drake: Propane Tank · PaRappa: Romantic Karate · Raiden: Stormbringer · Ratchet & Clank: RYNO V · Sackboy: Costume Clash · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Lightning Bolt · Sly Cooper: Unstoppable Ally · Spike: Monkey Net · Sweet Tooth: TNT Tag · Toro Inoue: Kuro is so mean >.< · Zeus: Lightning Clap

Level2 Big Daddy: Frenzy · Cole MacGrath: Ionic Freeze · Colonel Radec: StA5X Arc Cannon · Dante: Stinger · Emmett Graves: Rift Bomb · Evil Cole MacGrath: Ionic Drain · Fat Princess: Ride the Chicken! · Heihachi Mishima: Kuma Tag Team! · Isaac Clarke: Kinesis Burst · Jak and Daxter: Dark Jak's Dark Bomb · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Typhoon · Kratos: Divine Reckoning · Nariko: Dawn Siege · Nathan Drake: Stone Pillar · PaRappa: Skater Boy · Raiden: Blade Mode · Ratchet & Clank: Clank Goes Commando · Sackboy: Coal Catastrophe · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Golden Chalice · Sly Cooper: Flying Raccoon · Spike: Sword Frenzy · Sweet Tooth: Death by Missile · Toro Inoue: Toro makes a wish o_O · Zeus: Ultimate Storm

Level3 Big Daddy: Flood · Cole MacGrath: Electric Tornado · Colonel Radec: StA-X6 Jetpack · Dante: Devil Trigger Unleashed · Emmett Graves: The Hawk · Evil Cole MacGrath: The Beast Awakens! · Fat Princess: Protect the Princess! · Heihachi Mishima: Rockets Away! · Isaac Clarke: Dead Space · Jak and Daxter: Light Jak · Kat and Dusty: Gravity Panther · Kratos: Rage of the Gods · Nariko: The Goddess · Nathan Drake: El Dorado Sarcophagus · PaRappa: Doom Box ft. PaRappa!!! · Raiden: The Box Revengeance! · Ratchet & Clank: Flight of the Aphelion · Sackboy: Prize Bubble Bonus · Sir Daniel Fortesque: Anubis Stone · Sly Cooper: Recon Sly and His Targets · Spike: Super Laser Cannon · Sweet Tooth: The Rise of Mecha Tooth · Toro Inoue: Toro's dream comes true ^o^ · Zeus: Wrath of Zeus

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