Light Jak
Jak's Level 3 Light Jak
Used by Jak
Super Level Lvl3
Type Sadfghj
Time to go Precursor on 'em!
— Daxter, {{{3}}}

Light Jak is Jak's Light Eco form which he received from the Precursors. He is only playable in Jak 3 although a similar state appears through a cinematic at the end of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. The abilities of this form are used mainly for defense, in stark contrast to Dark Jak, who is mainly used for offense.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

Light Jak is one of Jak's transformations and his Level 3 Super move. It allows him to fly freely, propel himself faster in any direction, shoot bursts of light eco, summon his Light Eco shield and slow down time.


Light Boost - Btn cross

Light Blast - Btn square

Light Shield - Btn triangle

Flash Freeze - Btn circle

Dax... the Dark Eco... it feels far away. I feel better!
— Jak, {{{3}}}

When Jak and Daxter are exploring the Monk Temple in Jak 3 they come across a Precursor Oracle. Jak was told by the Oracle that he will need all power he can muster to survive a terrible test, which was the universe and himself being in danger. The Precursors awakened a Light Eco form for Jak that came with light powers. He was granted with this form, because he use to have 'the light within' when he was younger and pure (but later on was corrupted due to some dark eco injections), and also to counteract the manipulative properties of dark eco within him that was destroying him over time. Throughout his quest, Jak would harness these new light abilities and use them to heal, slow down time, surround himself with a protective shield, and fly. Light Jak powers strictly focused on that of defensive abilities.




  • The only light power that didn't re-appear in this game was his Light Regeneration ability, due to the exclusion of health meters in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.
  • Light Blast is unique to the Jak that's in this game, because he did not have this power in Jak 3.
    • Although, he did have this power in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when he channeled light eco.
  • Light Jak's power, Flash Freeze, acts as a move that slows down opponents rather than slowing down time in this game, which is very odd because it slowed down time in Jak 3.
  • In Jak 3 Light Jak was able able to walk, run and fly, but in All-Stars he can only fly.
  • Unlike Dark Jak, Light Jak moves and attacks in a similar manner to the regular Jak, but uses his powers instead of his weapons, and has a different appearance.
  • There's a trophy called Samos Sacred Site, for using Light Jak on Sandover Village.
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