Metropolis (Beta Stage)
Ratchet level 3d paintover wip 02 91332 640screen
Primary Representation Ratchet & Clank
Secondary Representation God of War

Metropolis was a beta stage based on Ratchet & Clank and God of War and would've appeared in PSASBR (or possibly Title Fight).

Level DetailsEdit

Not much is known about how this level would've looked if it had remained in the current version of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, but it would have included Hades as a hazard character. Judging from this detail, it would appear that Metropolis would've appeared this way back when it was called Title Fight even before the beta trailer was created. Oddly enough, although it is clearly Metropolis, the Megacorp logo appears on the stage; this is odd because Megacorp has never had any sort of presence in the Solana Galaxy where Metropolis is located.


The stage, while not necessarily scrapped, was altered drastically. Instead of Hades appearing in the stage, the Hydra from the first God of War game replaced him there. Hades would eventually get his own stage, one that had his name.
  • Concept Art By Chris CapiliGo to Chris Capili
  • Concept Art By Chris CapiliGo to Chris Capili
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