is a character from the Devil May Cry series. He made his first appearance in Devil May Cry 4.


A Holy Knight of the Order of the Sword, he battles demons utilizing his sword the Red Queen, his revolver, the Blue Rose, and his demonic right arm, the Devil Bringer, doing whatever it takes to protect his childhood friend Kyrie.

He also finds and manages to wield Yamato, Vergil's sword which was thought to be long gone.

He starts off as an enemy of Dante due to some misunderstandings, but the two eventually work together.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

Nero Dante

Dante in his Nero alternate color

Dante's fourth color has his coat colored similarly to Nero's.

Nero appears as an icon and on part of a background, both of which can be unlocked by reaching Rank 24 and 25 respectively with Dante.

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