PlayStation All-Stars Island
Developer(s) Zoink Games
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
First Release August 8, 2013 (EU)
Genre(s) Platformer, Shoot 'em up, Racing
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) iOS
Media Download

PlayStation All-Stars Island is a free-to-play crossover mobile app released for the iOS and Android. The app was developed by Zoink Games and published by SCE Limited. It is only available in Europe as it is sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero.[1]


PlayStation All-Stars Island features 4 different mini-games each from respective PlayStation characters: mainly Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Kat from Gravity Rush, Clank from Ratchet & Clank and Cole MacGrath from inFamous.

Uncharted™: Drake's PursuitEdit

This game stars Nathan Drake in a Temple Run-esque minigame. Help Drake escape from goons by sliding and jumping through the obstacles, as well as climbing stone by stone, and balancing on a narrow log. Collect coins to score points and an idol to earn a combo multiplier.

LittleBigPlanet™: Epic RaceEdit

This game stars Sackboy in a racing game inspired by LittleBigPlanet Karting. Race your way to first place, while collecting score bubbles to earn points. To play the game, you have to unlock it first, either by achieving a score of 600,000 plus in any game on the island, or scanning the Sackboy™ image included in the app.

Gravity Rush™: Infinite SkiesEdit

A perilous floating landscape of pits, monsters and laser beams stretches out ahead of Kat. Using her gravity-shifting super powers, help Kat avoid the abyss...

inFAMOUS™: SurvivalEdit

Use Cole MacGrath's electric superpowers to defeat oncoming enemies and to protect the city from an invasion of monsters.

Coke Zero ChallengesEdit

The main gameplay mechanic of the entire app are the Coke Zero Challenges. In each game, players have to collect Coke drops on the path to fill up the Coke Bottle gauge so the player can begin a mini-game featuring Kat or Clank (Uncharted); Jak or Sackgirl (Gravity Rush); Cole or Nathan (LittleBigPlanet); Ratchet or Sackboy (InFAMOUS). It is where they have a chance to earn more points before the challenge ends.


Each mini game features goals the players can strive to achieve.

Uncharted™: Drake's PursuitEdit

  • Bronze Treasure - Achieve an Uncharted score of 50000
  • Silver Treasure - Achieve an Uncharted score of 150000
  • Gold Treasure - Achieve an Uncharted score of 300000
  • Platinum Treasure - Achieve an Uncharted score of 500000
  • Leave Nothing Behind - Grab 30 coins in a row
  • Walk the Line - Keep your balance on the hardest log
  • Close One - Recover from losing your balance on the log
  • Temple Raider - Make it through the hardest temple
  • Thirsty? - Grab 20 coke zero drops without missing one
  • Explorer - Travel to all enviroments in one game
  • Keep It Up - Grab 80 coins with Kat without touching the lower plane
  • Bouncy! Bouncy! - Bounce on 5 platforms with Clank
  • Greedy Robot - Grab 100 coins with Clank in a single mini-game

Gravity Rush™: Infinite SkiesEdit

  • Bronze Crystal - Achieve a Gravity Rush™ score of 50000
  • Silver Crystal - Achieve a Gravity Rush™ score of 150000
  • Gold Crystal - Achieve a Gravity Rush™ score of 300000
  • Platinum Crystal - Achieve a Gravity Rush™ score of 500000
  • Neon Dance - Grab every pickup around a laser beam
  • Graceful Fall - Grab every pickup in a free-fall
  • Sightseer - Visit all boroughs
  • By a Hair - Save yourself after falling off a platform 5 times
  • Nevi Rush - Hit 10 enemies in one session
  • Nevi Daze - Hit 5 enemies without running past one
  • Nevi Expert - Hit a total of 100 enemies
  • Gravity Surfer - Grab 100 crystals while standing on Jak's hoverboard
  • Natural Sack Person - Grab 100 crystals as Sackgirl
  • No Stopping Me - Dodge all obstacles as Sackgirl

LittleBigPlanet™: Epic RaceEdit

  • Bronze Treasure - Achieve a score of 50000 in LittleBigPlanet
  • Silver Treasure - Achieve a score of 150000 in LittleBigPlanet
  • Gold Treasure - Achieve a score of 300000 in LittleBigPlanet
  • Platinum Treasure - Achieve a score of 500000 in LittleBigPlanet
  • Safe Flight - Use jump pads 5 times in 1 game without falling off-track
  • Rough Racer - Boost into 3 hoard racers in the same game
  • Bump Artist - Knock out 10 of the hoard
  • Speed Run - Finish a lap in less than 47 seconds
  • Drifter - Pull off 50 drift boosts
  • Speed Junkie - Use 50 jetpacks

inFAMOUS™: SurvivalEdit

  • Bronze Charge - Achieve a score of 50000 in inFAMOUS
  • Silver Charge - Achieve a score of 150000 in inFAMOUS
  • Gold Charge - Achieve a score of 300000 in inFAMOUS
  • Platinum Charge - Achieve a score of 500000 in inFAMOUS
  • Many Birds - Hit 3 corrupted with 1 thrown object
  • Return to Sender - Hit a helicopter with its own rocket
  • Shielded - Protect yourself from 10 rockets by using objects as shields
  • Juggler - Throw the same object 3 times without hitting the ground
  • Paint the World - Slap 30 stickers in a row of monsters
  • Electro Swing - Get a maxed out multiplier with Ratchet

PlayStation All-Stars IslandEdit

  • Native Islander - Play all 4 games
  • Taste the Possibilities - Play all 8 Coke Zero Mini-games



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PlayStation® All-Stars Island app - Launch trailer01:01

PlayStation® All-Stars Island app - Launch trailer

PlayStation All-Stars Island gameplay video07:31

PlayStation All-Stars Island gameplay video



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