Precursor Legacy
Jak's Level 1 Precursor Legacy
Used by Jak and Daxter
Super Level Lvl1
"Ooh, that's the stuff"

The Eco Surge, also known as Eco Mode, is from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. In the game, when Jak steps onto a blue eco vent, he jumps up surging with blue eco's power.

Precursor Legacy

Eco Surge as in appears in The Precursor Legacy.

Connection with All-StarsEdit

The Eco Surge, called the Precursor Legacy, appears as Jak and Daxter's level 1 super move in which Jak summons a Precursor blue eco vent and kills anyone that touches him or anyone within a small range of the blue eco's energy blast. 


Eco Vents are an important way of distributing eco. They are located all around the world. Whenever Jak used an eco vent, it would give him that specific eco's power/ability for a certain period of time. The colored eco vents, green, blue, yellow and red, were prominently and originally located in the Old World. However, similar vents, Light and Dark eco, were located later on in the New World. There were very few light and dark eco vents located in the new world. These vents differed from the colored eco vents, because of their purposes. The colored eco vents would fill Jak's meter with the specific colored eco, which came with a time mode, because at that time Jak could only absorb and wield eco, not store it. The light & dark eco vents were used to fill Jak's light & dark transformation meter fully, which could be stored and used at a later time.


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