Prize Bubble Bonus
Used by Sackboy
Super Level Lvl3
Type Xdsfghjk

Prize Bubble Bonus (also named Score Bubbles) are used as Sackboy's Level 3 Super in which he traps his opponents inside of Score Bubbles. Items and AP appear in these bubbles as well.


Narrator quotesEdit

  • "I believe the phrase "OMG" will be much an evidence when people see this. Amazing!"
  • "What in the blue blazes is Sackboy blunting into now? Oh my."
  • "Hahaha! Something special is brewing!"
  • "Sackboy and adventure go together like ice cream and wasps. Inseparable. Unpredictable."
  • "Now THAT is how a LittleBigPlanetian parties. Shine on, you crazy sack."
  • "Ha! Look who it is! Best put on some shades. Sackboy is about to dazzle."
  • "A moment of glory captured in the amber of our minds."
  • "You are the lightbulb that has brought glorious light to our darkened days."
  • "Sackboy is no stranger to building brave new worlds. Dab hand at it that lad."
  • "What you've built here today will be remembered long after this sentence has ended."
  • "Ohh! A wonder of light radiating from all corners. Bliss!"
  • "Cop a retina of two or that! Such creativity!"


This move is based on the prize bubbles found in Little Big Planet as a means of collectables.


  • The bubbles can also give some AP and items for Sackboy. This one is a reference to the LittleBigPlanet series in which the bubbles allow Sackboy to gain (earn) points and prizes in the story and community levels when you pop the bubbles.
  • Also the only super where you can earn AP during it, making it possible for Sackboy to start with a Level 1 or 2 super, or with a lot of luck, another Level 3.
  • Unlike other Level 3 Supers consisting traps, the opponents stay trapped after respawning. Probably making it easier to score at most 7 kills.
  • All items can be picked up by Sackboy during his super. Kills can also be counted when hitting opponents using an item.
  • A Score Bubble also appears in one of Sackboy's winning animations, where he grabs a bubble, letting a blue ribbon out.
  • This is the only Super to have been nerfed multiple times. It first had an AP gain increase in patch 1.02. Upon the launch of the Kat and Emmett DLC, the update increased the speed of the bubble movement. Finally, in patch 1.10, bubble speed was increased yet again by 50%.
  • The icons that appear when characters are trapped inside the bubbles are the artworks for this game. However, Dante's icon when trapped inside a bubble is different from his artwork.
  • Sackboy is one of five characters with the capacity to kill a single opponent up to three times during his Level 3, the others being Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Evil Cole, Nariko, and Emmett.
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