A Raw Super Move, commonly referred to as a YOLO, is when a defending player triggers their Super Move (most commonly a Level 1 Super, but can sometimes be a Level 2) without trapping their opponent or ending a combo with it. This usually happens when said defending player has only one stock left and becomes desperate to get the match more in their favor. This mostly winds up placing the defending player even further back in the match, as YOLOs are usually very badly timed (if timed at all) and will miss 85-95% percent of the time they are performed. However, this does not mean that getting a kill with a YOLO is impossible.

Player AbilityEdit

  • Player ability plays a major role in how likely one is to perform a YOLO. Any player is likely to trigger at least one per losing match, but the most inexperienced players have the highest likelihood of triggering multiple YOLOs.

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