Relentless Software is a British video game company formed in 2003 that is based in Brighton.

Relentless-logo 256x93

Relentless Software

Following Relentless’s first title, DJ: Decks & FX it developed 12 games in the Buzz! franchise with over 10 million units sold in more than 15 languages. Relentless also developed Air Band, the latest innovation to come to Kinect Fun Labs, that continues the company's aim of "making social video games that appeal to everyone and are simple to play".

Games on PlaystationEdit

  • Buzz!: The Music Quiz (2005)
  • Buzz!: The Big Quiz (2006)
  • Buzz!: The Mega Quiz (2007)
  • Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz (2007)
  • Buzz!: Quiz TV (2008)
  • Buzz!: Master Quiz (2008)
  • Buzz!: Brain of the World (2009)
  • Buzz!: Quiz World (2009)

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