Sweet Tooth
Avatar sweet tooth 1
Voiced By J.S. Gilbert (English)
Fumihiko Tachiki (Japanese)
Renzo Ferrini (Italian)
Franchise Twisted Metal
Appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Debut Twisted Metal
Rival Kratos
Btn r2 Super Moves
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Needles Kane on the Twisted Metal Wiki.
"Taste the Tooth!"
—Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth (Real name: Marcus "Needles" Kane) is the unofficial mascot of the Twisted Metal franchise and is a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.[1] He was one of the first six characters to be revealed. His in-game rival is Kratos.



Marcus Kane had it all - big house, beautiful family, great job serving ice cream to the neighborhood kids. Then something went wrong. Very wrong. When he donned the mask and became Sweet Tooth, there was no going back. Now he carves a path of destruction and desolation, whether in his legendary ice cream truck or on foot. Violence is what he craves, wherever it can be found, and whomever it can be inflicted upon.[2]


  • Twisted Metal
  • Twisted Metal 2
  • Twisted Metal III
  • Twisted Metal 4
  • Twisted Metal: Black
  • Twisted Metal: Small Brawl
  • Twisted Metal: Head-On
  • Twisted Metal: Lost
  • Twisted Metal (2012)
  • Starhawk



Sweet Tooth Opening

Sweet Tooth in opening

Sweet Tooth is seen admiring his ice cream truck, saying that it makes the best ice cream around. Then he says that he is not the same ice cream man anymore. Sweet Tooth then walks off leaving his ice cream truck behind, going to show everyone what happens when he steps out of the truck.

"I love this old heap. She's always there for me. Seems almost as eager as I am to show her stuff, show everyone what a great team we are. Besides all that, she still makes the best ice cream around. Not a lot of people know that. Guess most people never bother to ask. But I'm not just the ice cream man anymore. And if Calypso or anyone else wonders what I can do on my own, I'm gonna answer them now. I'm going to show everyone what happens when Sweet Tooth gets out of the truck!"
—Words by Sweet Tooth


Name: Kratos Icon Kratos

Reason: Sweet Tooth is admiring his ice cream cone, but suddenly Kratos throws one of his blades at him, knocking the scoop to the ground, which Sweet Tooth even admits was a neat trick and wondering if he can match it. Kratos then calls him a cretin and orders Sweet Tooth to stand aside or be killed. Sweet Tooth taunts Kratos, then tells him that he will pay for the ice cream cone one way or another while pulling out and revving up his chainsaw, beginning the fight.
Sweet Tooth Rival Battle

Sweet Tooth's rival battle

The Dark Past Characters - Twisted Metal03:55

The Dark Past Characters - Twisted Metal

Skip to 2:50

Connection: Both God of War and Twisted Metal were created by David Jaffe, and both Kratos and Sweet Tooth were even created by him. In addition, Kratos and Sweet Tooth are both known for their extreme brutality, and their games are infamous for the amount of violence in them. Both have also sacrificed allies for their own goals, with Sweet Tooth murdering his own gunman to make an explosion that would remove armor from a monster truck, and Kratos using a young woman that was accompanying him to open a door at the cost of her own life. Authority figures have also found ways to betray them. For instance, Kratos has been betrayed by the majority of the Greek Pantheon and the Titans, usually during the Second Great War (a.k.a Second Titanomachy), while Calypso backstabbed Sweet Tooth by turning his own wish against him (Sweet Tooth's wish was to have another chance to kill his daughter, the only person to escape him and live), sealing him inside his daughter's grave, and leaving him there to die. Also, Sweet Tooth and Kratos both killed members of their families, Ares tricking Kratos into doing it, as he considered it a sign of weakness, while Sweet Tooth killed them after carving his clown mask. Kratos and Kane also perish in their own games. Kratos killing himself in God of War 3 and Sweet Tooth being killed by his own wish in Twisted Metal 2012. Both also kill the highest authority in their game: Kratos killing Zeus, and Sweet Tooth killing Calypso in Twisted Metal Black. Both have caused the death of innocents and incredible destruction, with Kratos doing so either to get to his goal faster or not thinking about the consequences of his actions, while Sweet Tooth does so out of pleasure and amusement. Sweet Tooth was one of the PlayStation's first unofficial mascots and Kratos has recently become a character nearly synonymous with the PlayStation. Kratos's blades appear in Twisted Metal (2012) in the Dollface's ending and in Mr. Grimm's mid-story. Ed Boon said that he though about putting Sweet Tooth as a playable fighter in Mortal Kombat (2011) but Kratos was choosen instead.


Sweet Tooth: Such sweet, cool perfection. A round ball of heaven balanced on a delicate cone... so pleasing to the senses. Who doesn't love an ice cream cone?

(Kratos' blade appears and seathes Sweet Tooth's ice cream.)

Sweet Tooth: Pretty neat trick there, pal. Let's see if I can match it.

(Sweet Tooth draws his machete while Kratos brings back his blade.)

Kratos: Another cretin sent by a so-called god. Leave, or join those who have come before you.

Sweet Tooth: Well, get a load of you, cupcake. You know, I worked real hard on that ice cream cone. REAL hard. Dunno if you got any money in that skirt of yours... But one way or the other, you're paying for it.

(Sweet Tooth drops his machete, then pulls out and revs his chainsaw.)


Sweet Tooth returns to his ice cream truck after beating everyone, saying that he missed his truck. He revs up the engine, the truck now super-powered by the energy from Polygon Man, ready to win the next Twisted Metal competition and show Calypso his new upgrades. He then drives away with an evil laughter.

Sweet Tooth Ending
"All these stories seem to go the same way: me against the world, and me the winner. They all learn sooner or later they got more than they bargained for. Did some real damage back there. Still, can't say I didn't miss my old truck. Yeah. There she is, faithful as ever. She was already the best thing on wheels before any of this... But wait'll Calypso gets a load of my new upgrades! Oh, man! He's never gonna know what hit him!! Sweet Tooth is back, baby, bigger than ever!"
—Words by Sweet Tooth

Quotes and TauntsEdit


Hello Boys and Girls: Does a "Peek-a-Boo" face and menacingly says: "Hello, boys and girls!"

I Dance on Your Remains: Sweet Tooth giggles and dances around while saying "Oh Yeah!".

Get Ready for Pain: Sweet Tooth slides his hand over his neck while saying, "Get ready for pain."


  • Character Selection:
    PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Sweet Tooth Voice Over02:36

    PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Sweet Tooth Voice Over

    • "Time for some fun!"
    • "Ha, ha ha ha!"
    • "Right choice!"
  • Pre-match:
    • "Prepare to bleed!"
    • "This is gonna be fun!"
  • Item Pick-up:
    • "A man has his priorities."
    • "Ice cream?"
    • "Hmm..."
    • "Nice!"
    • "Who wants a treat?!"
  • Using TNT Tag:
    • "Here you go!"
  • Using Death By Missile:
    • "Blast off!"
  • Using Rise of Mecha Tooth:
    • "Taste the Tooth!"
  • Successful KO:
    • "Shut up and bleed!"
    • "Shut up and lay down!"
    • "Muahahaha!"
    • "Killing is my curse!"
    • "This is my curse!"
    • "I'm on fire!"
    • "That's it, boys and girls!"
    • "I'll end this contest!"
    • "Oh Yeah!"
    • "Dirt nap!"
    • "Lights out!"
    • "Born to destroy, baby!"
    • "Messing with the wrong clown!"
    • "Too easy!"
    • "This is too easy!"
    • "I kill and destroy!"
    • "I rip and destroy!"
  • Respawn:
    • "Heeeeere's Sweet Tooth!"
    • "This is starting to make me angry!"
    • "I'm getting angry!"
    • "Honey, I'm home!"
    • "Good to be back!"
    • "Let's feed the urge!"
    • "Blood, pain, grief, coming your way!"
    • "Pain and grief coming your way!"
    • "Here comes the pain!"'
    • "Prepare to be put down!"
    • "Prepare for pain!"
    • "I'm back!"
    • "Get ready to bleed!"
    • "You're gonna feel the heat!"
    • "This is gonna be too easy!"

Intros and OutrosEdit


Prepare for Pain: Sweet Tooth stands up from a crouched position and roars.

Sharp Enough: Sweet Tooth holds his machete and turns around menacingly, saying, "Prepare to bleed!"

Who Wants Ice Cream?: He walks on-stage slowly as if stalking somebody while saying, "This is gonna be fun!".

All Revved Up: Sweet Tooth turns around and revs up his chainsaw.

Winning ScreenEdit

Taste the Tooth: Rubs his hands together, giggling sinisterly to himself

Muahahahaha: Begins pointing and laughing mockingly.

Body Clean Up: Sweet Tooth rubs his hands together.

Contest Over: Sweet Tooth places his hand over his mouth and steps back in with an, "Oh my..." expression.

Losing ScreenEdit

If using Taste the tooth: He puts his hands over his head and groans angrily.

If using Muahahahaha: He sits with his back to the screen.

If using Body clean up: He stands up in defeat.

if using Contest Over: He kneels down angrily with his machete.

Result ScreenEdit

Win: Looks at the camera.

Lose: Has both hands on his head, possibly in pain.

Victory MusicEdit

Gimme the Trophy (unlocked at rank 4)

Gimme the trophy

Last Clown Standing (unlocked at rank 45)

Last clown standing2


Killer ClownEdit

The default appearance of Sweet Tooth. Besides his clown mask and fiery head, Sweet Tooth wears a leather harness over his torso, and white clown pants with large red polka-dots over brown combat boots. Sweet tooth final

Clown TuxEdit

Unlocked at Level 10, Sweet Tooth in his Twisted Metal III design.

  • Default: red suit, blue bowtie, red shoes
  • Yellow suit with red polka dots, yellow bowtie, yellow shoes
  • White suit with teal polka dots, teal bowtie, green shoes
  • Purple suit with yellow folds, blue bowtie, yellow shoes

Outcast Sweet ToothEdit

Sweet Tooth wears his Starhawk Outcast multiplayer skin. This costume is part of the preorder costume pack.

Outcast tooth



  • Starhawk Outcast costume from preorder costume pack
  • Sweet Tooth's Introduction
  • Sweet Tooth's vicotry pose
  • Sweet Tooth attacks using his signature blade
  • Sweet Tooth attacks using his chainsaw
  • Sweet Tooth breathes fire on his opponents
  • Sweet Tooth uses his shotgun
  • Sweet Tooth plants a mine
  • Sweet Tooth throws a Molotov Coctail
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 1 Super Move
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 2 Super Move
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 3 Super Move (Sweet-Bot)
  • Sweet Tooth's Level 3 Super Move (Sweet-Bot)
  • Twisted Metal III costume
  • The trophy icon for finishing the Arcade Mode with Sweet Tooth
  • Kratos rivalry
  • Rivalry with Kratos
  • The trophy icon for using Sweet Tooth's Level 3 on Black Rock Stadium Stage

Concept Art By Sunni HanEdit



  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale marks the first time that Sweet Tooth has ever been fully playable on foot (he is even aware of this in his opening).
    • Though he was briefly playable on foot, albeit very limited, in the Lost Levels that were included in Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition.
  • This is also the first game in which Sweet Tooth is given several new abilities previously unseen, including his new ability to breathe fire.
  • His second color pallete (consisting of pants with black diamonds on red for one half and swapped on the other) could be a reference to the DC character Harley Quinn, who's clothes are designed similarly.
  • Most of Sweet Tooth's attacks are taken directly from the Twisted Metal games, including his land mine attack, molotov coktail attack, chainsaw, 12-gauge shotgun, and nuke.
  • "Sweet Tooth" was originally only the name of his infamous ice cream truck. His real name is Marcus "Needles" Kane, but over time the name Sweet Tooth became an informal way to refer to both the character and the vehicle, and eventually became the official name of the character.
    • This makes Sweet Tooth one of four other characters to be referred to by a named other than their real names, the others being KratosFat Princess and Raiden.
  • Sweet Tooth was one of the many first-party characters to make a live-action appearance in the Long Live Play commercial.
  • Sweet Tooth's flaming head is the most iconic part of his look, first seen in Twisted Metal 2 onward; however in this game, Sweet Tooth can use it as a weapon, using his flaming head to allow him to breathe fire.
  • Sweet Tooth has appeared on the cover of every single Twisted Metal game, making him the series' mascot.
  • He and Colonel Radec are the first confirmed playable villain characters to be revealed.
  • Sweet Tooth can break the fourth wall as he'll say "Right choice" after he is picked.
    • Sweet Tooth uses a DualShock controller to steer the rocket in his Level 2 Super Move.
  • Sweet Tooth is technically the oldest playable Sony character, having his game released in 1995.
    • Though Heihachi is the oldest playable character, having his game released in 1994, not taking into account his rejuvenation in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
  • Sweet Tooth is one of only five first-party characters who started on the PlayStation One, the others being PaRappa, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Spike and Toro Inoue.
  • Sweet Tooth's minion is Dollface, which is a little odd due to the fact that she destroyed Sweet Tooth's Carnvial of Carnage, a mobile fortress built by Sweet Tooth's followers.
  • In the game's opening, his flaming hair glows.
  • His main menu background is flaming.
  • Sweet Tooth made a guest appearance in Hot Shots Golf 2 as a playable character, and in War of the Monsters, one of the monsters, Agamo, has a Sweet Tooth costume that can only be unlocked if Twisted Metal: Black save data is on the PS2's memory card. He also made an appearance in ModNation Racers, with his own kart (his truck) as well as his own race track, and in Starhawk, where he is a playable Outcast in multiplayer.
  • Sweet Tooth is one of five characters that dies in the game series they come from, the others being Colonel Radec, Cole MacGrathNariko and Zeus.
  • Sweet Tooth is one of the two characters whose Level 3 includes piloting a mech, the other character being Emmett Graves.
  • Sweet Tooth, along with Kratos, Heihachi, Raiden, and Zeus, is one of five characters in the game to have been a father.
  • Sweet Tooth is one of five characters who has an alternate costume that is a different character, the others being KratosColeSackboy, and Emmett Graves.
  • Sweet Tooth is the only character with an alternate costume based from an entirely different series (Starhawk).
  • In Sweet Tooth's story, on the cutscene of his rival fight, Sweet Tooth can be seen admiring his ice cream cone, and the ice cream has eyes and a smiley mouth drawn on it, probably by Sweet Tooth. This may be a reference to his story on Twisted Metal (2012), where he tries to kill his daughter but fails, then joins the competition in order to find her, on the first cutscene of his story, to the end, left side of his truck is shown, and the writing Sweet Tooth's Treat: Her head in my ice box! can be seen. 
  • Sweet Tooth is one of four characters whose face is never shown, the others being RadecBig Daddy, and Isaac Clarke.
  • In Ape Escape 3, a pipo monkey makes an attack similar to Sweet Tooth's Chainsaw Slaughter Attack.
  • Sweet Tooth's Brutal Shoulder Crush might be based in the animation Sweet Bot does in Twisted Metal 2012 when he activates Turbo Dash.
    • His Shock Wave attack is based in Sweet Slam from Sweet Bot in the same game.


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