The Break-Room was a commercial created by Robot Chicken for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. It's only about a minute long.


There isn't an actual plot to the commercial, but it involves the characters talking about their recent matches:

Kratos and Nathan Drake: Kratos is slicing a bagel when Nathan walks up and asks if he'd like to talk about "it" with Kratos responding "I'd rather not." It then shows a short clip of Sackboy beating up Kratos and Drake. When the clip ends, Nathan says "We got beaten by a burlap sack. It happened."

Sweet Tooth and Colonel Radec: Sweet Tooth is talking to Radec about how he let his guard down and Radec "steamrolled" him. A clip shows Radec beating up Sweet Tooth with Sackboy in the back. Radec says to "Take it to H.R., old man." Sweet Tooth responds by saying he knew he didn't care and runs off crying.

Nariko and Jak and Daxter: Jak is getting coffee when Nariko walks up and says last round was great. Daxter asks "Ah, you and Nariko?" with Jak responding, "The things she's into! That heavenly sword, is poorly named." Then a clip shows Nariko grabbing Jak while using her sword to attack and then kicks him across the level.

Ending: The commercial ends with Kratos and Drake talking about how they'll get him next time when Sackboy walks up startling Kratos and Drake with Kratos saying, "Oops! Sorry sorry sorry." and Drake saying "I didn't see you there." A man (most-likely a creator of All-Stars) then walks in stating the break is over. Kratos grabs his sword and swings, misses, and Sackboy jumps on his head. Drake punches them only to get shoved by Sweet Tooth who punches Radec onto the ground. Daxter then flies across the screen saying, "Daxter in the house!" with Nariko chasing Jak while saying , "Come here, Jak!" Then it advertises the new Cross-Buy feature.

Characters SeenEdit



  • This is a rare example of Kratos smiling and actually showing fear.
  • Radec is the only character shown voiced by his actual voice actor, Sean Pertwee.
  • The stages represented in the clips are Stowaways, Dreamscape, and Alden's Tower.

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