The Hawk
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Used by Emmett Graves
Super Level Lvl3
Type Sadfghj
I'm through playin' games!
— Emmett, {{{3}}}

The Hawk is Emmett Grave's Level 3 Super. It is based on a particular vehicle from Starhawk which can switch between a mech configuration to flight mode.


Connection with All-StarsEdit

The Hawk is Emmett's Level 3 Super. Emmett jumps into the Hawk, and can kill opponents using two machine guns, air mines, stomping on opponents, and carpet bombing the arena in flight mode.


  • Jump - Btn cross
  • Machine guns - Btn square The Hawk shoots Rift enchanced bullets from its machine guns.
  • Stomp - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square The Hawk stomps down with its foot, causing a shockwave. When used from the air, the Hawk plummets down towards the ground and lands with a shockwave.
  • Aerial mines - Btn triangle The Hawk deploys mines from its shoulders.
  • Flight mode (ends super) - Btn circle or Btn r1 The Hawk transforms into Flight Mode, disappears drom the screen, and the carpet bombs the stage a few seconds later.


The Carpet Bombs in Flight Mode has 2 projectile effects depending on how many kills are scored. If 3 kills or under are scored during Level 3 Super, the Hawk will deploy bombs, both homing and unguided, at a faster rate. While above 3 kills, it will deploy only unguided bombs that are dropped at a slower rate and only hit on the middle and right side of the stage, leaving an open safe spot on the left side where it's easily avoidable to blast radiuses. Jupming while shooting makes it harder for enemies to dodge, and they can't dodge simply by jumping over your bullets that way. Try to place mines where the enemies are likely to escape from the Hawk. In 2v2 mode, your teammate can throw your enemies to right side of the map so they will get caught up in carpet bombing of Flight Mode.



  • The Hawk's design is simliar to that of the Warhawk ship, in reference to Starhawk's spiritual predecessor, Warhawk.
  • The Hawk in All-Stars has a windshield when grounded, however in Starhawk the windshield is only present when in flight mode. 
  • If used well, Emmett can score 9 kills in one go.
  • Emmett is one of five characters with the capacity to kill a single opponent up to three times during his Level 3, the others being Sweet Tooth, Sackboy, Evil Cole, and Nariko.
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