Together Everywhere!
Doko Demo Issyo logo
Developer(s) SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
First Release Together Everywhere! (1999)
Genre(s) Virtual Pet
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita

Together Everywhere! [1][2][3] (Japanese title Doko Demo Issyo!) is a Japanese adventure videogame series revolving around SCEJ's mascot, Toro.

Connection with All-StarsEdit


  • Together Everywhere! (Doko Demo Issyo!) - 1999 (PS1)
  • Toro and the Holidays - 2002 (PS2)
  • Toro and the Shooting Star - 2003 (PS2)
  • Doko Demo Issyo: Toro to Ippai - 2004 (PS2)
  • Together Everywhere!: Let's Go (Doko Demo Issyo: Let's Gakkou!) - 2006 (PSP)
  • Everyday Together! (Mainichi Issho!) - 2006 (PS3)
  • Everyday Together! (Mainichi Issho!) - 2008 (PSP)
  • Toro and Gusto - 2008 (PS3)
  • Everybody's Putter Golf with TORO (aka Hot Shots Golf with Toro) - 2008 (PS3)
  • TORO! Let's Party! (TORO to Morimori!) - 2009 (PS3)
  • Weekly Toro Station (Syūkan Toro Sutēshon) - 2009 (PSN)
  • Toro's Friend Network (Minitsu Friend Network) - 2012 (PSVITA)


  • This series was Japanese-exclusive and almost unknown to the rest of the world, until Toro and Kuro were included as playable characters in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, and Toro being featured as a playable character in All-Stars. Both games marked both Toro's and this series international debut.
  • In the Backgrounds, Icons, and Minions edit modes, the series is not named by its actual name, instead it is listed as the Toro universe.
  • Toro's Friend Network is the very first Together Everywhere/Toro game to be released in countries outside Japan.


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