Turbo Cannon

Turbo Cannon (in it's non-firing phase)

Turbo Cannons from the Jak and Daxter series (Jak II), appears in PSASBR.

Connection with PSASBREdit

The cannons appear in the background of Blackrock Stadium when the Rift Gate opens and initiates the mash-up. They eventually get destroyed near the end of the stage. Polygon Man also transforms into a pair of them in the Boss Arena.


Two turbo cannons will create a target on both sides of the stage and shoot two orange energy beams each, at the same-time consistently. After the 5th time they will stop.


  • The Turbo Cannons never appeared in Jak II in this form. This is because they were re-designed in All-Stars. The full reason for this is unknown.
    • However, a theory for the re-design could be, because the stage is not Haven City the turbo cannons had to be re-designed to fit in the Twisted Metal world, since the originals were implanted underground in Haven City only.
  • The Precursor Text written on the outside of the turbo cannons are one of the many Jak and Daxter easter eggs in PSASBR.
    • The text use to read "CANNWN," which was a typo meant to spell out the word "CANNON."
    • Through a patch, the text on the cannons have been correctly changed to "CANNON.

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