Hello everyone this is my stage ideas for a future PSASBR sequel here they are and I'll explain how they will work.

1. Great Gorge: Fat Princess and Legend of the dragoon

The stage takes place in the middle of great gorge with the blue and red factions battling each other, while battling they will not hurt the players which means that they are not hazards, a minute in the match Melbu Frahma (villian from legend of the dragoon) appears the blue and red factions notice this and join forces as they try to defeat Melbu Frama. Melbu cannot just attack the factions but being a hazard for the players, two minutes later the blue and red factions defeat Frahma and a few seconds after they go back to battling each other until the match finishes.

2. New Horizons Lunar Colony: Dead Space and Jumping Flash

The stage takes place in the streets of the lunar colony, Necromorphs and Jacob Danik's men can be seen lurking in the background . Necromorphs can attack the players while Danik's men can shoot the players after a minute Baron Aloha from Jumping flash can be seen in the background as he takes the stage and the players into space, in space landmasses from Jumping flash can be seen next to the stage and can be used as platforms for the fighters.

3. Financial District: Last of us and Puppeteer

Before I begin I would like to say that I could not think of a stage I could settle with for the last of us the reason why is because every area in the last of us was memorable from Boston to Salt Lake City, at first I wanted the high school from Bill's town because I really liked Bill's Town and I wanted it to be represented as a stage but when thinking about it more I figured that it is not the most memorable part in the last of us so I thought of a area from Pittsburg as it was shown in almost every trailer of the last of us. Though finding an area was hard until I found this article on the playstation Allstars community here is the link I found a couple of last of us themed stage which are sketched by Somerandombloke1 and I found the financial district stage which I thought was a good idea, I also found a winter stage there was two of them but I settled with Winter 1 i will be talking about that stage as well because I could not choose what one should represent the last of us so I will talk about both so let's begin with Financial District.

The stage takes place in the financial district of Pittsburg with abandoned shops in the background, Hunters can be seen roaming the stage they will also shoot at the players which means that they are hazards, a minute in the match the moon bear king from Puppeteer comes and attacks the players and hunters he will attack them with his staff. He will also talk a lot like the gargoyle in the graveyard stage seconds later until the match ends Moon bear king will leave the stage then the match ends.

3. Alternate stage: Lakeside resort:Last of us and Journey

The stage takes place in the area where Joel is resting from his wounds and goes looking for Ellie, there are a few trees and clickers can be seen from time to time, they won't appear as hazards but then a snowstorm happens and a guardian from Journey appears it will either crash into the players or use his laser eye to blast them, it can also wreck the buildings and trees making them burn which means that if the player touches the fire they will lose AP after a few minutes the Guardian will leave the stage and then the match ends.

They were the stages ideas that I currently have and I might make some more soon, feel free to tell me what your stage ideas are and tell me what ones you like.

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