There a new spin-off game call PlayStation All-Stars Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). If will be released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.


Polygon Man, a god like form who is hungry for power after over the entire PlayStation universe after being rejected by the outside rulers of the universe, manages to obtain the mysterious magic that held the universe together, giving him unlimited power and allowing him to overthrow the rulers, giving him control over the universe and causing it to fall into chaos. The worlds then began to overlap and are able to cross over. The characters of PlayStation now must gather up as much reinforcements as they can to help fight Polygon Man's polygon-shaped minions and help restore order to the universe of PlayStation.


The gameplay is heavily main beta elements in terms of how the respective franchises are represented in-game. Players must create their own character by choosing a class that is inspired by a certain PlayStation character which will also act as the player's mentor and will learn the basics of the game before entering the universe of PlayStation.

The worlds that the players explore are called realms. Each realm is named after a PlayStation franchise that will also include locations and characters from that franchise that the players will be able to interact with. The players will also be given quests that will help them rank up and earn coins to spend money on.

In PlayStation All-Stars Online, ranks act as your level of experience and will allow the player to take on tougher challenges as well as access different items.

Classes and Mentors

Each class has a faction. This affects what side of good or evil you are on and how NPCs will treat you. Some classes have both factions and the faction you will be on is decided on which mentor you choose. Each class also starts from their home realm.

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