Remember this? Well I was supposed to make a moveset for each and every character on my previous roster, but it was too big and I sorta abandoned it because... idk. But I'm back to cover the new Sma5h roster!!! Which is also a realistic speculation for something that won't be made for the coming 10 years.



Characters with new Final Smashes

  • Princess Peach: Emotion Commotion - It is a stage wide Final Smash based on her emotion powers from Super Princess Peach. First a sad blue heart will appear above her head which lets her cry a river (similar to the one on Distant Planet). Beanstalks pop up because of the water. An angry red heart appears above her head which rages her and she sets the beanstalks on fire. Then a happy orange heart appears above her heart which makes her happy. Peach sends out two tornado's one to each side (which give small damage and staggering effect). Lastly a glad green heart appears above her head and heals her damage. It may seem a bit OP, but only the growing beanstalks do damage when they pop up and then again when they turn into fire pillars. The other attacks only can drag you off stage.
  • Dr. Mario: Virus Elimination - Dr. Mario jumps off-screen and appears on the side of the screen where he usually appears in the Dr. Mario games. A giant glass bottle appears above the stage, drops down, and breaks. Inflicting minor damage on anyone near. The many Virus' are now free and roam the stage, attacking the opponents. When Fever (red) attacks you, your damage will keep increasing with the amount of times he has hit you. When Chilly (blue) attacks you, you will be briefly frozen leaving you open for attacks. Finally when Weird (yellow) attacks you, you will receive massive knockback which most likely will KO you.
  • Donkey Kong: Arcade - Donkey Kong jump on a plaform which is on the background, above the stage. The platform is one from the original game. Donkey Kong proceeds by throwing barrels on the stage. You can aim where you are throwing them (a faint pillar appears on the screen displaying where the barrel will land). The barrel causes massive damage when it lands on an opponent, but still does good damage when it rolls against them, especially giving good knockback then.
  • Sheik: Goddess Harp - A trapping Final Smash which is taken from her X-attack in Hyrule Warriors. She traps the opponent in a certain radius (let's say about half of Final Destination, a quarter on each side of her... maybe a tad smaller) and other harps trap the opponent in it. She then plays a nice little tune that builds up damage and with the last note sends the opponent flying.
  • Toon Link: Wind Waker - Toon Link equips the Wind Waker and is able to attack with slashes of wind with the A-button and releases a giant blast of wind around himself with the B-button. When performing three slashes after each other, followed by another A, a small tornado will appear which wrecks up damage.
  • Lucas: PK Love - Lucas jumps, and stays in midair. The screen gets a pink color and Lucas sends out hexagons from his body all over the stage in a twirling motion. The hexagons itself don't do much damage but give much knockback. And when you hit one you're bound to hit another one. It can be compared with a meteor smash.
  • Falco Lombardi: Arwing - Falco jumps into the Arwing and his perspective changes similar to that of a shooter game. During the transformation, you can shoot rapid-fire bullets or bombs. The bullets deal low damage each with low knockback, and the bombs deal much higher damage with high knockback.
  • Wolf O'Donnell: Wolfen - Wolf jumps into the Wolfen which then appears on the side of the stage. Wolf is able to go up and down and shoot three giant lasers. However they start up slow so the opponent can dodge if not timed right.
  • Lucina: Dual Strike+ - Lucina first does a horizontal cut with massive damage but no knockback, followed by a second slash upwards with massive knockback. The range of execution of the attack is smaller than Marth's but not very much.
  • Jigglypuff: Hyper Voice - Although I love the Final Smash I think she needs to get something that is a real move. Jigglypuff grabs her microphone and can run around the stage for a certain amount of time. When a button is pressed she does a big scream with a huge radius that sends anyone caught in it flying. The closer to Jigglypuff the more damage and knockback is received.
  • Mewtwo: Mega Mewtwo Y - gonna leave this blank for as it will probably be his FS anyways. I do have an idea for this to make it different from the other two. As MMY, Mewtwo can charge up his Psystrike by attacking the opponent. The more the Psystrike is charged the greater the blast will be at the end of the Final Smash.

Character with moveset revamps

  • Ganondorf
    • Melee attacks: he now uses his dual sword from Hyrule Warriors, along with some dark magic.
    • Neutral Special: Darkness Ball - summons a ball of dark energy before him and then punches into it, making it explode. Good damage.
    • Side Special: Lightning Strike - slashes his swords down on the ground creating a path of lightning shocks in front of him.
    • Up Special: Rising Darkness - lifts himself slowly upwards while surrounded by dark energy, so small damage will be inflicted when touching him. Can be cancelled when tilting down, you can also do a ground pound with your fist when pushing B again.
    • Down Special: Multi-Slasher - Ganondorf slashes with his swords around him, trapping anyone caught in one of his slashes. He finishes the attack with a powerful slash to each side. Cannot be cancelled.
  • Young Link
    • Melee attacks: Unlike Link and Toon Link, Young Link has a completely different moveset. He is a very fast character while also being a heavy hitter. He wields the Kokiri Sword which is pretty heavy so his attacks take a little longer to be executed, but are more powerful. He carries various masks around with him for his special moves. When activated a mask it can be undone by using the special attack again.
    • Neutral Special: Deku Mask - Young Link transforms into Deku Link. His moveset has changed beign a fast hitter. He can perform a bubble attack with his special attack. He has low jumps but compensated by having a third jump which is him pulling out the Deku Flowers which greatly boost him upwards and let him slowly descend. When a mask is put on it will immediately perform the special attack belonging to that mask.
    • Side Special: Goron Mask - As Goron Link, Young Link moves much slower and has slow attacks. However the special button allows him to roll all over the stage, and when not rolling into someone/thing spikes will appear to inflict more damage. Further more if Goron Link falls after a jump a ground pound immediately is performed. The grabs of Goron Link are a stronger version of DK's grab.
    • Up Special: Zora Mask - Zora Link is a fadt character with fast, but somewhat weak attacks. During fighting it can detach the boomerang-fins? to throw them at the opponent. With the special move it will perform a Dolphin Jump in which he slices around him during the jump and is engulfed with water. When performing a guard there will be an electric shield around Zora Link which also inflicts damage on the opponent.
    • Down Special: Mirror Shield - Young Link holds the Mirror Shield in front of him that will absorb any projectile and turn it into light energy. The mask will blink when it is full and then a beam of light can be shot when pressing the normal button while holding the shield.
    • Final Smash: Fierce Deity Mask - Young Link will equip the Fierce Deity Mask which greatly increases his strength, speed and everything. FDL can perform a special move that will turn him back to normal afterwards. Skull Kid will appear and the Moon crashes down on the stage but right before doing so FDL slashes the moon in half also KO'ing anyone in that path.
  • Lucas
    • Up Special: PK Beam - Lucas shoots himself upwards with a PK Beam. The longer it is charged the more damage and knockback it will do, however the launch is way less. When not charged it launches Lucas up much higher but barely does any damage.
    • Down Special: PK Ground - Lucas summons a stone wall from the ground which can act as his defense. It will break after receiving a certain amount of damage, it will also disappear when a new one is summoned again. Lucas is also able to shoot the rock wall forwards by pressing B again immediately after summoning it.
  • Falco Lombardi
    • Melee attacks: Falco gains new melee attacks to differentiate him from Fox. Some attacks will also feature him shooting feathers.
    • Neutral Special: Homing Launcher - fires a homing rocket out of his Homin Launcher. It has a reload time, so can't be used too many times after each other. It is good for distant combat. It will explode out of itself after a certain amount of time, however the explosion itself will also cause damage of course.
    • Side Special: Grenade - Falco can throw a grenade that explodes after a certain period of time. It will not explode when hitting someone. The grenade can be charged to make the grenade detonate sooner. But don't charge it too long as it will detonate in your hand.



  • Melee attacks: Toad is a short range fighter. He is very fast, but doesn't have a high jump. He mainly uses his hands, feet and head for his attacks. His smash attacks & throws however include various power-ups. He has an alternate character costume: Toadette.
  • Neutral Special: Mushroom Block - Inspired by Wario's Woods and SMB2, Toad pulls out a mushroom block which can be hurled at opponents. Charge it up and a stack of up to five blocks can be carried, covering more ground when thrown.
  • Side Special: Grab Block - From SMB3 and SMW, this glowing blue block can be kicked along the ground and will continue to slide until it hits an enemy or a wall.
  • Up Special: Propeller Block - NSMBWii introduced this one, though it would probably be orange as in SM3DLand. A pretty obvious recovery, and maybe the block will carry on after Toad lets go, similar to Snake's flying machine.
  • Down Special: Brick Block - An interesting one. For this, Toad drops a large brick block directly underneath him which will last until a certain amount of time has passed or until it's destroyed. A standard obstacle on the ground, but if used in the air it will float and function as a temporary platform. Best utilised above an opponent trying to get back on the stage. Watch as they bash their heads and fall to their doom!
  • Final Smash: Captain Toad - Toad equips the Captain Toad outfit as well as the Super Pickaxe. The Super Pickaxe has the same function as the Golden Hammer, and maybe even a tad stronger.

King K. Rool

  • Melee attacks: King K. Rool is a character with a very slow run, decent run, and obviously strong attacks. Though his jump is terrible. He has short ranged attacks and does most of this with his hands.
  • Neutral Special: Krownerang - K. Rool throws his crown forwards, acting like a boomerang. It is a staggering move. It is faster than Link's but only can go straight.
  • Side Special: Blunderbuss Kanonball - K. Rool equips his blunderbuss and shoots a kanonball forwards. This move can be charged, but not for too long as it will explode then in a similiar fashion as Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun. The canonball will not travel any faster but instead will deliver more damage and knockback. When not hitting it, a player can still attack the canonball with a smash attack to send it flying.
  • Up Special: Kopter - K. Rool equips a jetpack-like backpack which has a copter on top of it. He slowly ascends upwards. It is a great recovery, but on slow speed, leaving you open to be attacked. K. Rool however is able to slash in front of him while using the copter.
  • Down Special: Kround Pound - when performed on the ground K. Rool will simply spread his arms and let himself fall down on the ground, creating a shockwave around him. When used in the air he practically will do the same but of course duo to the gravity he will fall very hard, making the shockwave around him bigger.
  • Final Smash: Kanonball Barrage - K. Rool blows a whistle and it suddenly begins to rain canonballs from the sky. They all land on certain parts of the stage, and have the same properties of a fully charged canonball from K. Rool's side special.


  • Melee attacks: Impa is a quick character, but definately slower than Sheik because of the Giant Blade she carries. She uses the Giant Blade in most of her attacks. She uses her Naginta in her smash attacks as well as in her custom moves. All of her special attacks with her Giant Blade leaves a water effect to the opponent while the Naginta has a burning effect on the opponents.
  • Neutral Special: Quick Draw - Impa will unsheathe her sword and do a quick horizontal slash. It is a very quick performed move but with very short range. It does good damage and brings the opponent into a dead state.
  • Side Special: Cross-Slash - unlike her other move this one has a slow start-up but deals massive damage, but barely any knockback. Impa summons water swords on the ground and then slashes three of those swords in front of her after each other.
  • Up Special: Spinning Leap - Impa does a spinning leap upwards which rapidly does damage to anyone who comes into contact with it. It has good vertical and horizontal recovery.
  • Down Special: Water Sphere - Impa creates a ball of water from a distance from her which then explodes. Like Din's Fire and Shadow Sneak you can manouver the the Water Sphere to where you want. If they opponent directly gets caught into the sphere they will be send flying.
  • Final Smash: Eye of Naginta - Impa grabs her Naginta and multiple swords rise out of the ground forming a circle, with a burning eye hovering in the middle. Anyone caught in to will get the swords slashed down on them and they are send upwards.


  • Melee attacks: Ridley is the biggest character in the game (duh) being slightly larger than Bowser. His wings don't have a hitbox as does his tail (meaning he won't be damaged when attacked on those places). Ridley is very slow on the ground but very fast in the air. Like some characters he has three jumps. He has fast claw, wing and tail attacks based on his previous role as stage boss.
  • Neutral Special: Plasma Breath - Ridley shoots small fireballs rapidly out of his mouth over a short radius that explode on impact.
  • Side Special: Roar - He performs a loud roar which will only push the opponents back.
  • Up Special: Tail Rush - Duo to Ridley's high recovery his up special doesn't have much vertical recovery, but it can be used as a tether recovery. Ridley will do a salto while sticking his tail straight out. If it makes contact with an edge Ridley can pull itself up.
  • Down Special: Skewer - For this move Ridley drives his sharp tail into the ground and recoils slightly. Not quite like the "bomb" moves, but can speed up your descent if in the air.
  • Final Smash: Lethal Drive - Ridley's Final Smash is taken from Super Metroid and performs almost identically like the Dragoon in Brawl but then the other way around. Using the aiming reticule Ridley will swoop through the screen (from behind the stage) taking out anybody in his way.


  • Melee attacks: Medusa is about the same size as Palutena and has about the same speed and power, Medusa having a slightly lower speed and slightly higher power. Her attacks are more short ranged and enchanted with darkness. She uses the snakes in her hair for her smash attacks.
  • Neutral Special: Stone Stare - Although she doesn't use this in any of the Kid Icarus games, the mythical creature Medusa is known for it. It works just like Mewtwo's Disable really, short range, requires facing an opponent and incapacitates them for a short time.
  • Side Special: Kiss of Death - This one's ripped straight from the game. Medusa will blow out a little red polyp which will hang in the air for a while, damaging anybody who makes contact with it.
  • Up Special: Viper Strike - Medusa shoots upwards in a snake shaped bolt of black magic. She goes diagonal and drags along anyone who comes in contact with the bolt and has staggering damage.
  • Down Special: Cursed Palm - From a totally gross mouth on her hand, she spews a cloud of poison gas. Not dissimilar to the Ice Climbers Blizzard, I think it would make sense for Medusa to be a generally poison themed character. The cloud of poison doesn't do direct damage but keeps adding damage after inflicting it for a few seconds.
  • Final Smash: Monsterous Medusa - Medusa changes into her true form, having one eye and more evil looking snakes. She detached her head from her body and the snakes on her head lunge around in anger, with long range. Medusa can float over the stage and anyone who touches the snakes will receive massive damage which most likely will result in a KO.

Bandana Dee

  • Melee attacks: Bandana Dee attacks by using two weapons. He will mostly use his spear in his attacks but occasionally will also use the parasol in his attacks. He has long range duo to his selected weapons, but lacks a good jump and has average power.
  • Neutral Special: Spear Throw - A changable move in which Bandana Dee will throw one or multiple spears forwards in an arc. When he charges it will add a spear to the throw with a max at 3. One spear goes only a short distance. With two spear they will be thrown at varying distance and 3 spears will just be thrown in a spread.
  • Side Special: Multispear Attack - Bandana Dee unleashes a flurry of forward jabs with the spear before finishing with a powerful thrust. When not having made contact with the opponent it leaves Bandana Dee open to be attacked although the move can be cancelled by dodge rolling.
  • Up Special: Spear Copter - Bandana Dee twirls the spear above his head and hovers like a helicopter. Anything touching the spinning spear takes damage. The hover ends after a while and Dee slows the twirling and lands.
  • Down Special: Parasol Twirl - Bandana Dee twirls the parasol underneath him, gaining invincibility from attacks and heavily damaging enemies that come into contact with him.
  • Final Smash: Flare Beam - A Waddle Doo appears and Bandana Dee fuses with him turning into Bandana Waddle Doo and has the same abilites as a Super Waddle Doo. He can create a giant ball of electricity that he can manouver into any wished direction, similar to Pikachu's Volt Tackle. The main difference being that the electricity ball catches an opponent in the ball and only then starts adding damage.

Galacta Knight

  • Melee attacks: Galacta Knight basically fights the same as Meta Knight. Galacta Knight has better air play than Meta Knight but lacks speed in performing attacks on the ground.
  • Neutral Special: Star Tornado - Spins at a very high speed, attacking in a tornado. He pulls enemies in, and then hit them straight up into the air. Star Tornado can be controlled by pressing left or right to move in that direction.
  • Side Special: Lance Dash - Leaps sideways with his lance outstretched. It works exactly like the Drill Rush but is designed to break through shields. The attack power and the distance are reduced although the speed of the move has been made very fast.
  • Up Special: Orbital Loop - It is basically the attack Meta Knight had in Brawl making Galacta Knight OP but the slashes do very few damage and the glide has been altered so that there is a distance limit of the glide. However Galacta Knight can do multiple slashes by pressing A during the glide.
  • Down Special: Galactic Shield - Dashes in a direction, controllable with the Control Stick. If the attack button is pressed or the special button is held, he immediately follow up with a trust from his lance. Galacta Knight will trust differently depending on the direction the control stick is held and the direction he is facing.
  • Final Smash: Galactic Sword Dance - Galacta Knight will rise and a circle of swords will spawn around him. He then sends out all the swords which then diagonally rain down on the stage and bounce back with a 90 degree turn to the other way. One hit by a sword can be lethal.

Porky Minch

  • Melee attacks: Porky is a small and rather slow character compared to other small characters. To make up for this he has been given a backpack with the abilities of his spider machine to allow his chubby body to navigate and attack. For example when he dashes the legs pop out so he can skitter across the ground.
  • Neutral Special: Tear Into You - A spider leg thrusts wildly in front of Porky, just going to town on the unfortunate recipient! This is similar to for example Kirby's multi-jab that could last forever.
  • Side Special: Charge Forward - A chargeable, rocket powered move which also acts as a horizontal recovery. This is one of the moves that also make Porky move across the stage faster.
  • Up Special: P Laser - Two legs pop out to generate a ball of energy above Porky's head. This can last indefinitely but you cannot move while performing it. If utilised in the air near a ledge the legs will latch on to recover.
  • Down Special: PSI Counter Device - A shield which can be likened to Ness's, but acts a little like Fox's reflector too. It reflects, but only energy based attacks. Covers a decent radius too as it is like a sphere that forms itself around Porky created with his spider legs.
  • Final Smash: Bed Mecha - Porky goes into his Bed Mecha and basically gains the abilities he had in the boss fight of Brawl. He can only walk sideways (which doesn't inflict damage) and jump that does damage when you land. Tear Into You stays pretty much the same big with bigger reach and more damage. Charge Forwards has been changed into Porkybots with which he throws out 4 explosive Porkybots. His P Laser gets a similar upgrade like Tear Into You. The PSI Counter Device has changed into Abduct in which he flies in the sky and then shoots a laser down on the ground. Unlike the Brawl boss fight he can't hover in the air.


  • Melee attacks: Sceptile is a fast character who makes most use of the blades on the side of his arms and his tail in combat. The tail is often used for smash attacks, grabs/throws, and the back aerial. Other than that Sceptile uses his blades in his attacks. His blades give more knockback but less damage the opposite is for tail attacks.
  • Neutral Special: Bullet Seed - Sceptile uses the same move as Bulbasaur but then horizontal. Everything else pretty much remains the same. Any opponents to Ivysaur's immediate left and right hit by the animation will get launched into the stream of seeds, making the move even more effective with its hidden small vertical range. The special attack button can be held to continuously shoot seeds, but the maximum is 5 seconds
  • Side Special: Razor Leaf - Sceptile hurls a green glowing leaf fowards. It works similar to Chikorita & Snivy's attack in Brawl and Sm4sh respectively. The main difference is that Sceptile has a certain time to wait before he can throw another one again, and thus can't do it rapidly.
  • Up Special: Agility - This move basically is a different version of Quick Attack/ExtremeSpeed. The sole difference is that this move only has one warp time, but can be angled while it is performed. It also doesn't do any damage and is an aerial dodge.
  • Down Special: Grass Knot - A tiny root spawns out of the ground in front of Sceptile. Anyone caught in it will sustain damage. The Grass Knot will stay there after being summoned and only disappears when the stage changes or if another one is summoned. Heavier characters sustain more damage from it than lighter ones. It temporarily binds the opponent allowing Sceptile to attack. 
  • Final Smash: Mega Sceptile - Sceptile mega evolves and is basically the same as Lucario gameplay wise. All of his moves are buffed. Razor Leaf does much more damage and has larger range. Razor Leaf can be fired rapidly, Agility remains the same and Grass Knot binds the opponents longer. Sceptile also is immume to electric attacks like those from Pikachu and Dr. Mario.


  • Melee attacks: Rotom is a small and very light character. He moves very weird, but performs his moves very quickly, as if he is light. He has a very poor jump, cannot swim well, but has good range as his arms extend when attacking. He transforms of form in some of his attacks.
  • Neutral Special: Hydro Pump - Rotom transforms into a washing machine and shoots a blast of water forwards. It pushes the opponent away while also dealing a bit of damage.
  • Side Special: Leaf Storm - Rotom transforms into a lawn mower and drives forwards while leafs stir up behind it, which can also damage the opponent. Of course bashing into them does too.
  • Up Special: Air Slash - Rotom transforms into an air fan and faces downwards and blows itself upwards while it slashes below with the air.
  • Down Special: Overheat - Rotom transforms into a stove and engulfs itself with fire damaging anyone around Rotom. It doesn't have any range.
  • Final Smash: Blizzard - Rotom transforms into his refrigerator form and opens its doors. It shoots out a gigantic Blizzard forwards. The direction of the Blizzard can be changed in any direction. It will last about as long as Ness' PK Starstorm.


  • Melee attacks: Diancie is a small but heavyweight character. The performance of her moves have a small start-up time. It has an average jump. She inflicts much damage and knockback when using rock moves. Her fairy moves are a bit less but are performed much quicker.
  • Neutral Special: Diamond Storm - Diancie sends out several diamonds forwards. They have a piercing effect and deal knockback afterwards. Only one diamond will be shot when pressing B so when rapidly pressing it, it will rapidly shoot.
  • Side Special: Dazzling Gleam - Diancie emits a powerful flash in which she also dashes forwards a little bit. The gleam leaves opponents stunned and open for combo's.
  • Up Special: Stone Edge - Diancie backflips forwards while pulling a trail of rocks along with her. The longer the B button is held the further the stone edge goes (with a certain limit of course). The move has a slow start-up but has a massive staggering damage. It is a diagonal recovery although not being a very good one.
  • Down Special: Mirror Coat - A mirror coat quickly appears in front of Diance which reflects any attack and doubles the damage to the opponent. However projectiles will simply be deflected.
  • Final Smash: Mega Diance - Diance mega evolves and then hovers a bit higher then the place where it is performed. She then uses an enchanted version of Diamond Storm. She will shoot many diamonds all around her body that damage anyone caught in it. It works similar to Rosalina's Final Smash but you don't have to throw the opponent in it yourself but can't move either. It also has more knockback during the Final Smash rather than a finishing end.


  • Melee attacks: Tetris is a weird character among the cast. It normally appears as a floating L-shaped block floating in mid-air. The speed of Tetris pro's are its jump and strenght but its cons are its speed and recoil. It will change its shape when attacking.
  • Neutral Special: Pong - Tetris transforms into a large single block that can be used as defense. It will reflect any projectile and nulify any recoil damage, thus still will receive the damage itself.
  • Side Special: Block Shot - Tetris transforms into an L-shaped block that will assume the position of a gun and shoot a single Tetris block from the tip. The block has a special property as when it hits something it will reflect and go back towards Tetris (unless something is in the way on the way back). It will inflict damage on the opponent and the damage will increase the longer Tetris reflects the block, the block will also become faster with each reflect from Tetris. It can be cancelled by not reflecting the block with the neutral special.
  • Up Special: Snake - Tetris transforms into a row of blocks, forming a snake, and then is able to control the direction it is heading. The move is performed slowly but is fast when in action. During the attack Tetris can only attack by bumping into opponents. It also can be attacked itself but won't receive any knockback.
  • Down Special: Block Drop - When performed on the ground Tetris will transform into a sitting-block(?) on the ground and another block drops down on him from the sky that fits exactly. When performed in the air, Tetris will transform into a square block and drop down on the stage.
  • Final Smash: Please Insert Coin - All the opponents on the stage will be trapped inside of a Tetris play screen. Tetris blocks will rapidly start falling down on the stage, inflicting massive damage and knockback to anyone getting hit by it. Eventually there is only one safe spot where the long Tetris block can fit in (or if you managed to make your way on top of the other blocks). When the last block drops and the rows are completed, said blocks in the rows will cause a giant explosion.


  • Melee attacks: Takamaru would be another fast, but light character. I think he would be best compared with Rosalina but slightly heavier. He attacks by slicing with his katana and doing several kicks in some moves.
  • Neutral Special: Shuriken - will throw a shuriken forwards by default, but also can be thrown into another direction depending on how you hold the direction, can be thrown in rapid succession.
  • Side Special: Scorching Whirlwind - holds his katana at his side and does a broad slash that will unleash a tornado engulfed with fire. The move can be charge up making the effect bigger, similar to the Ogre Club, however it can't be stored.
  • Up Special: Rising Sun - Slashes upward into a jump; if an opponent is in his path, he will take them up with him, slashes them several times at the top of the ascent, then slashes them downwards. He then normally falls back to the stage. The slashes only do mild damage.
  • Down Special: Invisibility - Immediately becomes ethereal for a short amount of time. All attacks from opponents will go through him, and despite him being able to walk, he can't attack.
  • Final Smash: Inazuma Lightning - Takamaru sticks his katana into the ground and opens a scroll containing the way to summon the Inazuma Lightning. A large sphere of lightning will appear around Takamaru and anyone caught in it will receive massive continuous damage while inside of it. Takamaru will grab his katana again and can deliver a finishing move right before the lightning disappears.


  • Melee attacks: Isaac is a balanced fighter with average speed, jump etc. etc. He fights by using his sword in some of his normal attacks but most of the time will use his Psynergy magic in various ways.
  • Neutral Special: Growth - Isaac summons vines that grow out of his arms and when they connect with an opponent, they will constrict the opponent. Opponents are able to break out of the trap, but it will be more difficult at higher percentages.
  • Side Special: Move - Isaac summons a giant white Psynergy hand that pushes opponents away. Continuing to hold the special button will keep the hand moving. By pressing the up button the hand will fling opponents upwards, pressing backwards will quickly attack opponents in the opposite direction it was facing and pressing down will make the hand become a fist and slam downwards. Even when Isaac is knocked down, the Psynergy hand will keep moving.
  • Up Special: Lift - Isaac summons a hand, the same he uses with his side special Move, underneath him that will fling him into the air, giving him an extra jump. Isaac can immediately follow this up with aerial attacks.
  • Down Special: Gaia - Isaac summons a rock pillar from the ground. A spell circle will appear on the ground and the player can press left or right in where the pillar can be summoned.
  • Final Smash: Judgment - Isaac summons Judgment who flies up to the center of the top of the screen. A canon appears out of his golden lion arm and shoots a blue energy ball right down on the stage causing a giant explosion. It works similar to Rosalina's Power Star as it has a staggering damage for anyone caught in it. Isaac can move around freely during the Final Smash.


  • Melee attacks: Although I didn't like Snake's inclusion in Brawl, I did like his moveset. So this may sound cheap or weird to others, but I give Sami the moveset of Snake, or at least make it similar to his. The Advance Wars series revolve around war tactics, so why not give her fire weapons?
  • Neutral Special: Hand Grenade - Sami will pull off the pin of the grenade and throw it forwards. She can throw it soft (by pushing back), normal or hard (by pushing forwards). The grenade explodes on time limit, and thus can also go off on the ground. It will not explode on impact.
  • Side Special: Remote Missile - Sami bends and can shoot a missile out of her launcher. She then can control the direction of where it is heading until it runs out of time and explodes. When she is hit during the attack the missile will go straight forwards and explode when the time runs out. The missile explodes on impact with something or someone.
  • Up Special: Air Unit - A small plane (styled in the way they appear in the AW games) will fly by and Sami grabs a hold of the ladder and fly sidewards. While going horizontal the plane can be tilted upwards to let her go upwards. She can jump off by pressing A. The move lasts rather long compared to other recovery moves, but doesn't deal any damage itself. Sami can shoot with a gun when pressing B while hanging from the ladder.
  • Down Special: C4 - Sami will bend down and place a C4 on the ground where she's standing. The can detonate the C4 by pressing the down B again. She also is able to stick the opponent to walls or to opponents, the latter making it work like a gooey bomb.
  • Final Smash: Victory March - Sami pulls out a communicator and calls for the troops. Several air units will appear and drop gound units and a tank onto the stage. Sami boards the tank and can control the tank by bashing into opponents. The ground units will start shooting the opponents, more tanks will appear which will ride and shoot and the air units will also shoot from the air and keep dropping ground units until the Final Smash is over.


  • Melee attacks: Like basically all of Starfy's moves they consist of spinning. His standard attack is replaced by a simple side spin, then another one to the other side and lastly a full spin for example. His normal moves don't have much variety but are performed very quickly, as is Starfy. He has a high jump but also is a light character.
  • Neutral Special: Mighty Star Spin - Starfy will spins into the wishes direction. The move can be charged up, the longer you charge the faster and more powerful the start-up will be. When Starfy starts spinning he can change his direction. By rapidly pressing B he can continue spinning. But when spinning for too long Starfy will become dizzy and very vulnerable. 
  • Side Special: Star Slide - when performing this move, Starfy will quickly get on his belly and spin across the ground into the wishes direction, he will trip anyone he meets on the way. He goes very fast with this move and automatically stand up when reaching a ledge, preventing him to go off stage. However because he lays very low it is easy to jump over.
  • Up Special: Ultra Starspin - Starfy bends down and puts his hands on his head. He then will charge his move automatically. When performed Starfy will shoot straight upwards while spinning around, similar to Wario's Corkscrew. Starfy can slightly angle his direction during this.
  • Down Special: Shooting Star - when performed on the ground, Starfy will make a backflip making his upside down back face the screen and then shoot down with powerful force and right before hitting the floor goes back into its normal pose. When performed in the air he will skip the backflip and immediately shoot down.
  • Final Smash: Whirlpool Tornado Spin - Starfy will begin to spin on his place very quickly and water will start to engulf him. He keeps spinning faster creating a tornado make out of water. Now a giant whirlpool tornado is on the screen that Starfy can move around and trap opponents in. Once they are trapped they will receive continuous damage while slowly going upwards and thrown out of the tornado.


  • Melee attacks: Chibi-Robo is a character who has average speed, power, jump etc. Most of his attacks include him swining/stabbing with his electral cord and plug causing electricity to spark from it. However there is a special attribute given to Chibi-Robo, the Charge Meter. Chibi-Robo attacks are stronger when he is fully charged. This power slowly depletes when performing electric attacks. When it has no power there won't be any electricity coming from the attacks making them rather weak.
  • Neutral Special: Chibi-Blaster - Chibi-Robo pulls out a blaster that deals weak knockback. Tapping the special button will shoot a single shot while holding it will shoot multiple projectiles. The blaster can be tilted up or down.
  • Side Special: Toothbrush - Chibi pulls out his Toothbrush and brushes the floor in front of him while moving forwards. If you continue to hold the special attack button and the arrow keys, you can move infinitely.
  • Up Special: Chibi-Copter - A small copter pops up from Chibi's head and twirls fast, propelling Chibi upwards in a small distance. Anyone who touches the copter will be hit multiple times. It provides small vertical and horizontal recovery.
  • Down Special: Recharge - Chibi will pull out a giant outlet in which he puts the plug. He then begins to recharge his power to deliver more powerful attacks as described above. Telly, who is always next to him displays the status of Chibi. It will show an empty battery when at 0% power, red between 1% and 30%, orange between 31% and 55%, yellow between 56% and 84% and green when above 85%
  • Final Smash: Giga-Robo - Chibi-Robo calls forth Giga-Robo, a gigantic robot that looks like Chibi-Robo, who stays in one place as it continuously stomps the ground with its enormous legs. Any opponent near the proximity of its legs get buried in the ground as they are constantly stepped on by the huge robot. The stomps' shockwaves also make any airborne opponent to get meteor smashed.

Captain Rainbow

  • Melee attacks: To say it simply, Captain Rainbow is the old Ganondorf. All of Captain Rainbow's move are taken from Ganondorf and instead display rainbows and stars instead of dark energy. So this means he is a slower Captain Falcon with more power.
  • Neutral Special: Rainbow Punch - Winds up a large amount of darkness and releases it all in a a powerful forward backfist. A player can pull off a 180° punch by turning in the opposite direction during the charging period, however this increases the moves wind up duration. It receives a significant damage bonus if used in the air or turned 180°, and these bonuses do stack, so a reverse aerial Rainbow Punch is powerful enough to OHKO characters near the ledge. Has super armor until just before the punch, unless used in the air or reversed.
  • Side Special: Yo-yo Choke - Boost forwards with his yo-yo extending forwards. Upon contact the yo-yo wraps itself around the throat of the opponent, Rainbow follows and slams the opponent to the ground. In the air, Rainbow grabs onto and descents alongside the opponent before slamming them into the ground, or to the lower blast line in a suicide KO if used off-stage.
  • Up Special: Rainbow Dive - Rainbow latches onto an opponent and unleashes rainbows onto them before launching them with a star explosion. Covers a very small amount of horizontal distance, but a decent amount of vertical making it a subpar recovery. If he successfully lands this move against an opponent, he doesn't fall helpless and can use it again. Rainbow will perform an uppercut with weak knockback and star properties if this move misses an opponent. 
  • Down Special: Colorful Kick - Surrounded by colors, Rainbow launches himself while extending his leg out, dealing decent damage and knockback. In the air, Rainbow launches diagonally downwards while extending his leg out below him. A powerful meteor smash during start-up, with a late hit sending opponents vertically instead. A small shockwave is formed around Rainbow when he lands on the ground, which has small amount of knockback. Slows down significantly on impact with anything, has a lot of landing lag, and is extremely risky to use off stage.
  • Final Smash: Starman Captain Rainbow - Rainbow pulls out a Starman, originated from the Super Mario series, and uses it. His whole body will shine in rainbow colors and boosts his power and speed, similar to Wario Man. Rainbow can easily KO opponents now until the time limit is over.


  • Melee attacks: 
  • Neutral Special: 
  • Side Special: 
  • Up Special: 
  • Down Special: 
  • Final Smash: 

Black Mage

  • Melee attacks: 
  • Neutral Special: 
  • Side Special: 
  • Up Special: 
  • Down Special: 
  • Final Smash: 

Shovel Knight

  • Melee attacks: 
  • Neutral Special: 
  • Side Special: 
  • Up Special: 
  • Down Special: 
  • Final Smash: 

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