Hey, because of the many Disney movies and series I decided to also make a fighting game of it. Like the blog of CRUDluVer I will reveal two new characters and their stage after two days pass, seeing that there are so many characters to put in this game. I'm guessing that the roster will have the same size as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom thus around 50 characters.

I already have the full roster, but, like in cruds blog, you can guess which characters are going to be in next. I will say that it is a mix from new and old movies. But I will not put in any Marvel, Star Wars or Kingdom Hearts characters. That wouldn't make it a Disney game anymore. However there are going to be Pixar characters.

How the game system works, I do not know yet, but it will probably be similar to Smash Brothers.


Name Movie
Mickey Mouse Fantasia (and others)
Peter Pan Peter Pan
Snow White Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph
Stitch Lilo & Stitch
Hercules Hercules
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story
Maleficent Sleeping Beauty
Aladdin Aladdin
Winnie the Pooh The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Mulan Mulan
Simba The Lion Kig
Beast Beauty and the Beast
Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas
Merlin The Sword in the Stone
Mary Poppins Mary Poppins
Tarzan Tarzan and Jane
The Horned King The Black Cauldron
Ariel The Little Mermaid
Pinocchio Pinocchio
Alice Alice in Wonderland
Baloo The Jungle Book
Robin Hood Robin Hood
Pocahontas Pocahontas
Quasimodo The Hunchback of the Notre Dame
Kida Atlantis
Sully Monster's, Inc.
Jim Hawkings Treasure Planet
Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean
Incredible Family The Incredibles
Chiccken Little Chicken Little
Queen Jadis Narnia
Lightning McQueen Cars
Bolt Bolt
Dr. Facilier The Princess and the Frog
Rapunzel Tangled
Tron Tron (Legacy)
Princess Mérida Brave
Perry the Platypus Phineas and Ferb

DLC/Unlockable Characters



Name Description
Disneyland You play on the square before the Disney Castle. There are no hazards or any platforms. You can see Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto walk around in the background.
Captain Hook's Ship You fight on the ship, which looks exactly like his ship (many platforms). The ship sails around Neverland and stops at the Indian Camp which you can play on by climbing on top of the ship and jump onto the land. Skull Rock, look out for the Crocodile, Mermaid Lagoon which has some rocks and beautiful mermaids in the background.
Dwarf Mines The mines look similar to the Invasion stage. There are many diamonds, big and small. But you must look out if you're down because a mine kart can suddenly ride across and bash into you.
Fix-It Felix, Jr. You play on the 8-bit flat from Fix-It Felix, Jr. You have to stay on the buildings ledges (which are the platforms) if you fall off you die. But you must also look out for the stones that an 8-bit Ralph throws down.
Deep Space You play inside of the ship of the Grand Council Woman. There are a few platforms to stand on, but during the match gravity will be distorted a couple times making you float and harder to fight.
Olympus Coliseum You play in the coliseum, which looks similar to the one of Kingdom Hearts. During the match Hydra will suddenly barge in and break the background and slam with it's head on the stage. Meg and Pegasus are seen fighting it while Phil shouts "Get on the Hydra's back!"
Toy Box You play on a steam-train that drives through the Wild-West. Eventually on the background the ship of Evil Dr. Porkchop appears and shoots with lasers at the train until only one wagon is left. The ship then drags the wagon into space with a magnet ray and releases it on the moon. There you continue the fight as Evil Dr. Porkchop occasionally shoots with his laser on the stage.
Castle Bridge You play on a long bridge that is in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. After some time the sky will turn dark and thorns will begin to grow around the castle and the bridge. The thorns then will act as hazards that will hurt when touched.
Cave of Wonders You start outside of the Cave of Wonders, but during the battle the mouth opens and you are sucked into the cave. You continue your fight in a room filled with gold and money, where some of them act as platforms.
Storybook You fight in a pop-up book of Winnie the Pooh. When an area of the book pops up the background changes into that area. The areas are: Pooh's House, Hunny Tree, Rabbit's House, Piglet's House, Tigger's Playground, Starry Hill and Heffalump Forest.
Bamboo Grove A nice, calming stage located in the bamboo forest. Nothing much going on in here, except that there are many platforms made out of bamboo. They are breakable but after some time they will grow back.
Axiom Junkyard You start fighting in front of WALL-E container, on the middle of the stage is a crane that is a platform, but it moves around all the time to grab up junkboxes and throw them away. Look out that the grapple doesn't grab you! After some time the the Axiom Space Ship sucks you into itself and you fight in a the main square of the ship, which features many platforms and neon sighs (think of it like it was a shopping mall).
Beast's Castle You fight in the whole castle, the wall of the castle can't been seen so you see all the rooms of the castle (similar to Luigi's Mansion). You are able to fight in all rooms. In some rooms there are knight that can suddenly slam down with their swords. The stage also goes throught the seasons changing the background and foreground of the stage.
Pride Rock You fight in front of the Pride Rock, but you are also able to fight on the rock itself. Sometimes Timon and Pumbaa appear and run across the stage. Also you can see Rafiki who summons Mufasa's spirit.
Halloween Town You fight in Halloween Town, there are many hazards on this stage. You have the fountain that sometimes will spit accid, or the guilotine that will fall down if underneath. On the background you sometimes can see Santa Claus passing by, or Oogie's shadow in the moon.
Middle Age Festival You fight in a festival held in the time of King Arthur. You can stand on several branches from trees and huts. Sometimes horses will pass by with a knight on it.
London Rooftops You fight on the rooftops of London. There are many chimney's that sometimes will blast smoke out of them, though that's only in nighttime. In daytime the neightbours occasionally will shoot a cannonball out of their cannon on the stage.
Climbing Trees A stage set high in the trees of Tarzan's jungle. You fight on three trees and can swing around with lianas from other trees. There are two higher, and bigger, trees above the three trees where you also can stand on.
Prydain You fight on the outside of the castle of the Horned King. The sky is red and the castle black. Occasionally dragons will pass you acting as platforms but also as hazards, as they can hurt you too.
Sea Surface You fight on several rocks that are sticking out of the ocean, after some time a storm will begin and you see a ship heading towards you. The ships crashes and you fall into the water along with the wrecked ship. You now fight under water on the wrecked ship. Look out for the shark!

Which two characters will be revealed next? Maybe you guess right!

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