Alright, All-Stars, here are the official rules for the tournament.

Each team member must contact their partner and opponents and schedule their matches independently. Each battle will be Single Match Elimination, meaning that the winners of the battles will move onto the next round while those who lost will be eliminated.

Each match will be a stock battle with 10 lives, regular AP generation, and random stage selection.

Here is the official bracket for the tournament

Final Bracket

The match-ups are as follows:

  1. Lombax Clan vs Precursor Thieves
  2. The Hallowed vs The Destroyers
  3. The Dynamic Duo vs The Last Conduits
  4. The Hunters vs Zoruka 2.0

The Crash-Skulls will face the victors of Match 1, and Injustice Corps will face the winners of Match 3.

The links to each member's profile are in this table

Team Tournament Contestants
Team Name Team Member #1 Team Member #2
The Hallowed Goopking Coopergang1
The Dynamic Duo Batbugz Sackchief
Zoruka 2.0 Colligit345 Poiunight
Injustice Corps LineBeckIV Gamer68
Lombax Clan Alexray35 Ratchet941
The Last Conduits LeeHatake93 SirSomeguy
The Crash-Skulls Bandicoot.95 CommanderJoe349
Precursor Thieves Slycooperboy23 Vgm1
The Destroyers Eternaga Mmeemmee4
The Hunters TheStarman Nkstjoa

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