Victory Music is the music that plays when someone wins a match. The music differs for each character and each music is a remake of existing music from the game or franchise that the characters are from, although in some cases, the victory music are original compositions inspired from the character's respective games. Victory Music is unlockable. Each character has two Victory Music Unlockables: the first unlocked at Rank 4 of the specific character, and the next at Rank 45.

All CharactersEdit

Generic (available by default)
Generic Victory Music


Acension (unlocked at rank 4)
Titan Slayer (unlocked at rank 45)
Titan Slayer


Gold Record Scratch (unlocked at rank 4) 
Gold record scratch
Grand Slam Jam (unlocked at rank 45) 
Grand slam jam2

Fat PrincessEdit

Triple Layer Defeat (unlocked at rank 4)

Triple layer defeat

Fistful of Frosting (unlocked at rank 45)

Fistful of frosting2

Sweet ToothEdit

Gimme the Trophy (unlocked at rank 4)

Gimme the trophy

Last Clown Standing (unlocked at rank 45)

Last clown standing2

Colonel RadecEdit

Enemy Destroyed (unlocked at rank 4)

Enemy destroyed

Rise to the Helghast (unlocked at rank 45)

Rise to the helghast2

Sly CooperEdit

Mission Accomplished (unlocked at rank 4)

Mission accomplished

Nimble Champion (unlocked at rank 45)

Nimble champion2

Nathan DrakeEdit

Adventurer's Welcome (unlocked at rank 4)

Adventurer's welcome

Conqueror (unlocked at rank 45)



Conduit of Good (unlocked at rank 4)

Conduit of good

Good Karma (unlocked at rank 45)

Good karma

Evil ColeEdit

Conduit of Evil (unlocked at rank 4)

Conduit of evil

Beast (unlocked at rank 45)



Hero of Fastoon (unlocked at rank 4)

Hero of fastoon

The Chosen One (unlocked at rank 45)

The chosen one2


Precursor Heroes (unlocked at rank 4)

Precursor heroes

To Another Adventure (unlocked at rank 45)

To another adventure2

Big DaddyEdit

Little Sister's Savior (Unlocked at rank 4)

Little Sister's Savior

Enraptured (Unlocked at rank 45)



Devil made me do it (unlocked at rank 4)

Devil made me do it

Raising Hell (unlocked at rank 45)

Raising hell2


To the Moon (unlocked at rank 4)

To the moon

No Room for Weakness (unlocked at rank 45)

No room for weakness2


Daughter of Shen (unlocked at rank 4)

Daughter of shen

Trophy of Heaven (unlocked at rank 45)

Trophy of heaven2


Spine Collector (unlocked at rank 4)

Spine collector

White-Blooded Victory (unlocked at rank 45)

White-blooded victory2


Sticker Collector (unlocked at rank 4)

Sticker collector

Bubble Burst (unlocked at rank 45)

Bubble burst2

Sir DanielEdit

Hero of Gallowmere (unlocked at rank 4)

Hero of gallowmere

The King's Champion (unlocked at rank 45)

The king's champion2


Slingshot Wizard (unlocked at rank 4)

Slingshot wizard

Net Master (unlocked at rank 45)

Net master2


There Will Be Mochi (Unlocked at rank 4)

There Will Be Mochi

Meowzers (Unlocked at rank 45)



Hope of Heksville (unlocked at rank 4)

Hope of Heksville
A Queen and Her Cat (unlocked at rank 45)
A queen and her cat

Emmett GravesEdit

Just Business (unlocked at rank 4)

Just Business
Rift Reaping (unlocked at rank 45)
Rift Reaping


Deadlocked (unlocked at rank 4)


Zero G (unlocked at rank 45)

Zero g2


Olympic Opus(unlocked at rank 4)

Olympic opus

Fit for a God (unlocked at rank 45)

Fit for a god2


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