Wrath of Zeus
Zeus level super 3
Used by Zeus
Super Level Lvl3
Type Sadfghj
"I grow weary of this!"

Wrath of Zeus is Zeus' Level 3 Super Move.


Zeus transports everyone to the Summit of Sacrifice, while he grows to giant size and attacks the victims with giant boss-style attacks.



  • Left-side attack - Btn square Zeus slams his fist into the ground on the left side of the platform, covering the entire left side of the screen with lightning.
  • Right-side attack - Btn circle Zeus slams his fist into the ground on the right side of the platform, covering the entire right side of the screen with lightning.
  • Air attack - Btn triangle Zeus arcs electricity between his hands in midair, killing any aerial enemies.
  • Floor attack - Playstation-Lstick-Down + Btn square/Btn triangle/Btn circle or Btn r2 or Btn r Zeus pushes his hands into the platform, causing all of it to become electrically active and kill any grounded enemies.


This move is an obvious reference to the final boss fight with Zeus in God of War II on the level "Summit of Sacrifice".


  • Before Polygon Man was chosen, Zeus was one of the choices developers had for a final boss, and this Super might possibly be a reimagining of how the boss fight against him could have been.
  • There was a glitch occured when the characters are safely escaping Zeus' Level 3 Super by swimming on water in Sandover Village and Franzea. It has been fixed in patch v1.11.
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